Global updates

web 2.49
* New miners:
  • XMRig 6.16.1
    • GhostRider fixes
    • Added average hashrate display
    • Fixed the number of threads shown at startup
    • Fixed --threads or -t command line option (but --cpu-max-threads-hint is recommended to use)
    • Fixed "difficulty is not a number" error when diff is high on some pools
    • Added VAES support for Cryptonight variants +4% speedup on Zen3
    • VAES instructions are available on Intel Ice Lake/AMD Zen3 and newer CPUs
    • +4% speedup on Ryzen 5 5600X
  • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.8.5
    • Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm for VEGA/RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's
    • Fixed 'verushash' algorithm 'invalid solution version' error
01 Dec 2021

web 2.48
* New miners:
  • PhoenixMiner 5.9d
    • Show the GPU vendor name in the list of GPUs to make it easier to identify the GPUs
    • Added support for the latest AMD Linux drivers 21.40.1. There are some bugs in these drivers, particularly the clocks and voltages can't be set properly with older cards (RX4x0/RX5x0/Vega/RadeonVII)
    • Fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT cards with the latest AMD and Linux drivers
    • Fixed issues with AMD Vega and Radeon VII cards on latest Linux drivers
    • Fixed crash with very old Nvidia drivers (3xx.x)
    • Fixed some pool connection issues
    • Fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT with older drivers (regression in 5.9b, and 5.9c)
    • Other fixes and small improvements
  • WildRig Multi 0.31.1 beta
    • improved heavyhash up to 10% on RDNA/RDNA2 gpu's with less power consumption
    • fixed power jumps on NVIDIA gpu's
  • Team Black Miner 1.29
    • Display difficulty change in the miner window
    • Use ETH+ZIL shares when calculating pool speed and shares per minute
    • Stratum change to avoid rejected shares on and poolsw
    • The default --xintensity changed to 144 on NVIDIA to reduce stale/rejected on hiveon, crazypool, flexpool, etheremine and binance pools
30 Nov 2021

web 2.47
* New miners:
  • lolMiner 1.37
    • Improved Ethash performance on Turing based graphic cards (GTX 16 series, RTX 20 series, lower tier CMP cards) by about 0.4 to 0.7%
    • Improvement of Ethash performance (up to 1%) and reduction of stale share rate for Maxwell and Pascal (GTX 10) based GPUs
    • Changes LHR tuning algorithm to minimize the number of locks & time for finding a stable value
    • Improved LHR performance for 3060 V1 (GA106-300-A1) on older drivers (460.39 and earlier)
    • Added Ergo kernels for RX 6700XT and RX 6600 (XT) on newer AMD drivers
    • Ethereum stratum code will now print the pool difficulty in better human readable number
    • The miner will now print the ip of the connected pool - to be able to detect e.g. faulty DNS entries
    • Added parameters --dualtls and --dualworker to toggle TLS and the worker name for the dual connection. To be used as with the parameters for the standard connection
    • --statsformat can now distinguish between the number of LHR locks "lhrlks" and the current --lhrtune parameter "lhrparam"
    • Fixed 3060 V1 (GA106-300-A1) internal parameters for drivers 460.39 and below, stabilizing the hash rate
    • Fixed a bug causing a segmentation fault when trying to mine EXCC
29 Nov 2021

web 2.46
* New miners:
  • WildRig Multi 0.31.0 beta
    • added default parameters for CMP 40/50/70/90/170 HX and RTX A4500/5000/6000
    • improved heavyhash by ~80%(NVIDIA Pascal/Turing/Ampere) and 20%(AMD RDNA2)
    • dev-fee set to 2% on heavyhash for nvidia rigs
28 Nov 2021

web 2.45
* New miners:
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.9 beta
    • fixed low hashrate on heavyhash for AMD gpu's with old drivers
    • added default parameters for NVIDIA RTX A2000, A3000 and A4000
  • Team Black Miner 1.28
    • Improved performance for AMD cards on ETH+ZIL (dagger cache) (+1-2%)
    • Added the possibility to mine to ip adresses directly instead of hostnames
    • Disable cpu verification with --no-cpu set (default)
    • Fixed Hashrate in the stats for opencl rigs
    • Added --maintainance-wallet adress (Mine to another wallet xx% of the time)
    • Added --maintainance-percent (Set the % chance to use the maintainance-wallet for the whole session)
    • Slower dag generation on --dagintensity 1 to be stable on higher clocks
    • Reduced rejected/invalid shares on the and the pool (+1-4%)
28 Nov 2021

web 2.44
* New miners:
  • NBMiner 40.0
    • feature: Add overclock options for Nvidia GPUs, require admin priviledge, accept comma seprated list to specify for each GPU
    • -power-limit, -pl - set power limitation of GPU. Set PL in watts: -pl 200. Set PL in percentage of default PowerLimit: -pl 75%
    • -cclock: Set core clock in MHz. Set locked clocks: -cclock @1500
    • feature: Display current LHR value in console summary table and web monitor
    • feature: -proxy options now support username & password for SOCKS5 proxy. format: -proxy user:pass@host:port
    • feature: Web monitor changes, delete unused information for dual mining
    • feature: new options for log control
    • -log-no-job: Turn off the New job line in console
    • -log-cycle: Set to change the cycle of Summary table show in console and log, in seconds, defaults to 30
    • -fix: ethash Change CPU share validation to independent thread, lower performance degradation when mining at very low difficulty pools
    • fix: LHR lock detected failure on some cases
  • NBMiner 40.1
    • fix: ethash v40.0 false detected as LHR lock under lastest Nvidia driver versions
    • feature: supports future LHR GPU models
    • fix AMD ethash crash
  • Nanominer 3.4.4
    • Improved performance of RandomX (Monero)
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.6 beta
    • one more round of heavyhash optimizations(up to 10% on some cards)
    • fixed duplicate nvidia gpu's on some systems
  • WildRig Multi beta
    • removed auto-detection of ssl to avoid problems with some pools(no mining after dev-fee, no reconnect and so on)
  • WildRig Multi beta
    • fixed rejects on Vega64 for heavyhash
  • GMiner 2.73
    • added LHR mode support for RTX 3060 GA104
    • added option to control LHR tune step size (--lhr_autotune_step)
    • added watchdog mode: reboot system or restart miner (--watchdog_mode)
    • added option to observe rig speed, miner quits if average speed reached limit (--min_rig_speed)
    • added option to control maximal number of parallel DAG generations (--dag_gen_limit)
    • display IP address of pool in statistics report
    • restore overclocking after stopping of mining
  • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.8.4
    • Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm for GPU's
    • Fixed display of hashrate while doing gpu auto tune process
    • Changed GPU temperature to show 'edge' value instead of 'hotspot'
  • XMRig 6.16.0
    • GhostRider algorithm (Raptoreum) support
    • Fixed: use cn-heavy optimization only for Vermeer CPUs
28 Nov 2021

web 2.43
* New miners:
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.5 beta
    • Fixed pool side hashrate for nvidia gpu's on heavyhash
    • Improved heavyhash on RDNA/RDNA2(up to 10%)
22 Nov 2021

web 2.42
* New miners:
  • TONminer
    • Initial release
21 Nov 2021

web 2.41
* New miners:
  • XLArig 5.2.3
    • Removed the True Core functionnality (too buggy at this time)
    • Removed code for GPU's (OpenCL/Cuda)
    • Removed non-randomx algorythms
    • Rebased from XMRig v6.10.0
    • Added CPU stats for pool owners
  • CPUminer-opt 3.19.1 JayDDee
    • Builds for CPUs with AVX or lower have CPU groups disabled
    • Added support for Alderlake
    • Minor fixes
20 Nov 2021

web 2.40
* New miners:
  • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.8.3
    • Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm for GPU's (up to ~20% on some cards)
    • Fixed issue with recognising some GPU's on newer drivers (broken since v0.8.1)
    • Reworked hashrate reporting/stats - now reporting average for 1 min / 1 hr / 6 hr / 12 hr (in API too)
  • GMiner 2.72
    • fixed memory leaks on AMD GPUs
    • fixed compatibility with latest linux distributions
    • fixed crashes appeared in v2.71
  • Team Black Miner 1.26
    • Added --lhr-unlock option that can give a +20% boost on lhr cards nvidia with lower power
    • Reduced duplicate shares on hiveon pool and possibly other ethereum stratum 1.0 pools
    • Faster reconnect to pool if pool does not resolve or is not available
    • --xintensity 24 default on ethermine for AMD cards
18 Nov 2021

web 2.39
* New miners:
  • PhoenixMiner 5.9b
    • Show the GPU vendor name in the list of GPUs to make it easier to identify the GPUs
    • Added support for the latest AMD Linux drivers 21.40.1. There are some bugs in these drivers, particularly the clocks and voltages can't be set properly with older cards (RX4x0/RX5x0/Vega/RadeonVII)
    • Fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT cards with the latest AMD and Linux drivers
    • Fixed issues with AMD Vega and Radeon VII cards on latest Linux drivers
    • Fixed crash with very old Nvidia drivers (3xx.x)
    • Other fixes and small improvements
17 Nov 2021

web 2.38
* New miners:
  • lolMiner 1.36a
    • Fixed a bug causing no LHR unlock to normal speed after epoch change
    • Reverted some LHR kernels to a specification more similar to what was in 1.35. These are default in Windows and on RTX 3080 on Linux, other cards can request this kernels by using --lhrtune wauto or wTuneNumber in case the default is unstable
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.2 beta
    • support ssl
    • slightly faster ghostrider(1-2%)
16 Nov 2021

web 2.37
* New miners:
  • lolMiner 1.36
    • Improved Ethash & Etchash performance on all Nvidia Turing & Ampere GPUs by 0.3 to 0.7% depending on card & system
    • Decreased rate of stales on Nvidia Turing & Ampere GPUs
    • Modified LHR auto tuning to use finer steps (0.2 instead of 1). Also when the miner is more then 2 hours stable on its current settings and a lock appears, the card will unlock again, but the tuning will not be reduced
    • New parameter: --lhrwait n will set the miner to wait n seconds, until the LHR detection and calibration gets active
    • Fixed a potential crash between switching between cached Eth and Zil dag on Nvidia cards
    • Fixed a bug: Worker name got lost on mining pool (since 1.34)
    • Fixed a bug causing rare defect shares on LHR cards
15 Nov 2021

web 2.36
* New miners:
  • T-Rex 0.24.7
    • Bug fix: Some command line arguments don't take precedence over the values set in a config file (e.g. --lhr-autotune-step-size)
    • Bug fix: (WebUI) Performance degradation introduced in 0.24.6
    • Bug fix: (WebUI) Monitoring page shows a blank page if you had 15M or 2H graph views selected while using an older version of T-Rex
    • Bug fix: (WebUI) Impossible to set LHR tune values with decimal point
14 Nov 2021

web 2.35
* New miners:
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.1 beta
    • fixed rejects on ghostrider
    • lowered devfee to 1% on ghostrider
    • now should support gfx803(RX550 cards on newest drivers)
12 Nov 2021

web 2.34
* New miners:
  • T-Rex 0.24.6
    • (ethash) Improve LHR unlocker, LHR tune value increased from 71 to 74 by default. The new LHR tune scale is somewhat different, so it's recommended to let autotune find the optimal parameters (in other words, for the first run, remove --lhr-autotune-mode and --lhr-tune parameters from your bat file if they are set)
    • (ethash, autolykos2) New --lhr-autotune-step-size and --lhr-autotune-interval parameters for finer control of LHR unlock behaviour
    • (ethash, firopow) Add ETH+FIRO dual mining (use the same OC settings as ETH+RVN)
    • (autolykos2) New --dataset-mode parameter to enable/disable double buffer mode: 1 - single buffer mode, 2 - double buffer mode (default)
    • Add SOCKS5 proxy support (see --proxy parameter)
    • New --temperature-color-mem parameter to control memory temperature highlighting in console and WebUI
    • (WebUI) Multiple improvements: 24H view on the graph; ability to hide individual charts (power, avg hashrate etc.) on the graph; recompute average hashrate/power when zooming in the graph; ability to reorder/hide GPU table columns
    • Bug fix: (ethash) RTX 3060 GA104 is not recognised as an LHR card
    • Bug fix: Veriblock mining is broken since 0.24.2
  • Nanominer 3.4.3
    • Improved performance KawPow (Raven) and FiroPow (FIRO) on Nvidia GPUs (up to 3% depends on GPU model)
  • CPUminer-opt 3.19.0 JayDDee
    • Added support for CPU affinity for up to 256 threads or CPUs
    • Streamlined code for more efficient initialization of miner threads
    • Precise affining of each miner thread to a specific CPU
    • Added an option to disable CPU affinity with "--cpu-affinity 0"
    • Faster sha256t with AVX512 & AVX2
    • Added stratum error count to stats log, reported only when non-zero
  • Team Black Miner 1.24
    • Fixed issue with multiple set core, mem, power
    • Fixed issue with dag cache when switching back from ZIL pow
    • Always verify dag on regeneration. Not only on the first run
    • Log date time format is now DD:HH:MM
    • API bumped to v1.3: Added port, versioning in url and summary
  • CPUminer gr-1.2.4
    • Alder Lake (12th gen intel) users are highly recommended to retune the miner. Make sure E cores number was detected properly!
    • Fix problem with Large Pages, AVX, or below while tune-full was set to true
    • Use new avx2-sha-vaes on Alder Lake
    • Correct some output inconsistencies while tuning
    • Add improvements for Alder Lake tuning. ~6% (12900k) increase in hashrate. Retuning of the system is REQUIRED to get improved performance
    • Add --ecores=N - Specify the number of E cores of the CPU. Miner will try to autodetect. It will show the predicted number. Specifying it incorrectly or on the platform that does NOT support E cores (Intel Alder Lake) can lead to reduced performance
11 Nov 2021

web 2.33
* New miners:
  • GMiner 2.71
    • Improved LHR performance, added two modes (--lhr_mode): 0 - energy save mode, 1 - maximal performance mode (default). Miner display LHR unlock percentage in statistics table (LHR row), you can adjust it by --lhr_tune option. Now --lhr_tune meaning GPU unlock percentage, for compatibility lhr tunes below 10 mapped to new default values. If LHR auto-tune (--lhr_autotune) enabled miner tries increase LHR unlock percentage while mining
    • Improved RavenCoin performance, fixed floating hashrate
    • Display maximum difficulty of shares for each GPU
8 Nov 2021

web 2.32
* New miners:
  • BMiner 16.4.9
    • Improve the performance of Ethereum mining on Ampere GPUs
8 Nov 2021

web 2.31
* New miners:
  • Team Black Miner 1.23
    • Tiny speedup on Nvidia cards. Faster on lower intensity than before
    • More accurate kernel autotune. Now running twice as long as before
    • Reduced stales on,, crazypool and nicehash on amd (default --xintensity 24)
    • Console stats are rewritten to work with all terminals
    • Fixed zil mining at rustpool
    • Fix index problem in set memclock / coreclock / powerlimit (Nvidia)
    • Added --tweak parameter for Nvidia 0-7
    • Added more pools
8 Nov 2021

web 2.30
* New miners:
  • Team Red Miner
    • Autolykos2: emergency release to support larger pad size from block 614400. Some GPUs (mainly Vegas) will need higher core clocks to achieve the same performance as previous versions due to larger pads breaking some previous optimizations. More optimizations to come in future releases
    • Autolykos2: added argument --autolykos_ignore_diff for certain pools that aren't compatible with the ERGO reference miner pool implementation
    • Progpow: fixed wrong --help text for --prog_micro_tune
  • lolMiner 1.35
    • Ergo: Adjusted all codes mining Autolykos v2 to be ready for the epoch 1 and higher, starting Sunday Nov 7th ~8 am UTC. To continue mining Ergo, please update to this version. The new Ergo epochs will increase the size of the data set used for mining by 5% every ~75 days. Some cards might need a bit more core clock to achieve the used performance. Also 2G cards in zombie mode will see a significant reduction in speed, because the data set is more then 2150 MBytes in size now
    • Ergo: Added ability for all AMD cards to pre-build the next Ergo data set while mining. This is at a cost of slightly slower mining directly after a height change, but generally improves poolside performance. In case you find it unstable the pre-building can be deactivated by using parameter --ergo-prebuild -1 / 0 / 1. Here -1 stands for the cards default, 0 is off, 1 is on. Default is on for all AMD GPUs except GCN1 and Vega generations - those were more stable with the option turned off. The value can be set per card by using a comma separated list of values
    • Ergo: Improved performance of AMD Hawaii generation of chips by about 2%
    • Ethash: Added error correcting tables to check the DAG integrity up to epoch 499 (Early June 2022)
    • Ethash: Added option to use the version 1.33 semi-unlocker style - this was more performant for some GDDR6X cards. Use --lhrtune xauto to activate the 1.33 solver style auto tuning and use --lhrtune x to set a predetermined tune value. The 1.33 style solver can be mixed with 1.34+ style solvers by using a comma separated list of values
    • Ethash: Fixed a bug some crashed Nvidia cards did not trigger the watchdog
    • Ethash: Fixed a bug causing the worker name not to be correctly passed to the pool in some cases in 1.34(a)
1 Nov 2021

web 2.29
* New miners:
  • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.8.2
    • Added possibility to preload dataset/s on 'autolykos2' algorithm with '--gpu-autolykos2-preload' parameter (even on 4Gb cards!)
    • Little faster dataset creation on some GPU's
    • Job notifications are now displayed in console less frequently, unless extended log is enabled
    • Reverted 'autolykos2' kernels for hawaii, tonga and fiji to the ones from ver. 0.7.3
    • Bug fixes in algorithm switching mode ('--multi-algorithm-job-mode 3')
1 Nov 2021

web 2.28
* New miners:
  • NBMiner 39.7
    • feature: LHR mode support new GA104 version of 3060
    • feature: ethash Turn on LHR mode by default for 3060 v1
    • fix: ethash Fail to detect LHR lock on certain situation
    • fix: Nvidia GPU power consumption issue on certain rig config
    • delete: support for sero
  • WildRig Multi 0.30.0 beta
    • fixed support different drivers for RDNA/RDNA2 gpu's
    • implemented ghostrider
    • Polaris and Vega gpu's can boost from --opencl-threads 2 parameter and higher intensity(like --opencl-launch 2048). Just consider available memory on your gpu. 2048 will use 4Gb + a bit more, so 4Gb won't work. Try lower values like 1792 or 1920
1 Nov 2021

web 2.27
* New miners:
  • lolMiner 1.34a
    • Added further epochs to the dag correction detection / table. This can resolve issues with defect shares that appeared in 1.34 or earlier with start of epoch 450/li>
    • Slightly changes internal LHR parameters of 3070 ti & 3080 - we hope to improve stability by this plus a small speedup
  • Team Black Miner 1.21
    • Fixed short option for --api (enable api)
    • Miner uptime is now DD:HH:MM
    • Trying to solve the ansi output bug in some terminals
    • Fix overflow bug in average solution time output to the console
    • SSL is not working 100% so we have disabled it for now
    • Reset gpu-memclock has been disabled on dag generation. Use the --dagintensity option instead
  • Team Black Miner 1.22
    • Uptime error in day is corrected
    • Added --dagintensity support for AMD cards
    • Fixed a print bug for cuda showing 0gb memory for cards
    • Fixed --cl-devices [] for multicard rigs AMD/NVIDIA
    • Fixed index bug in stats when using --cu-devices
    • Added more pools
1 Nov 2021

web 2.26
* New miners:
  • Phoenix Miner 5.8c
    • Fixed a crash on Linux when mining on RDNA2 AMD cards (RX6x00) with older drivers
    • Removed error messages when mining on fanless Nvidia cards
27 Oct 2021

web 2.25
* New miners:
  • NBMiner 39.6
    • higher hashrate, more stable LHR unlocking for both -lhr-mode 1 and -lhr-mode 2
    • default LHR mode changes to -lhr-mode 1 for LHR GPUs
    • default values of LHR mode increased, -lhr-mode 1 -> 74, -lhr-mode 2 -> 71
    • added 3 new options for LHR auto-tuning control, at most cases you don't need to change: -lhr-reduce-value: the amount to reduce -lhr value on a single -lhr tuning (defaults to 0.5); -lhr-reduce-time: when LHR lock is detected, and the time since the last lock exceeds this value, the -lhr reduce will not perform (defaults to 15, which means 15 minutes); -lhr-reduce-limit: the maximum number of times to reduce -lhr value (defaults to 6)
    • ergo also adapts the 3 new LHR options
    • add -cmd-output option to specify command line outpu to stdout or stderr, 1=stdout, 2=stderr, defaults to 2
    • disable SNI extension for ssl connections by default, can be enabled with -enable-sni option
    • deleted cuckatoo & cuckatoo32 support
  • Team Black Miner 1.20
    • Removed unwanted debug output for AMD/OpenCL
    • Removed cost from console status if watt reading is null
    • Avoid gpu timouts at startup on rigs with more than 12 cards
    • Improved stale share checker less stales reported
    • Increased default nvidia --xintensity to 224 to improve the poolsite hashrate
    • Added --dagintensity 0-9 for nvidia cards to prevent crash on high oc RTX cards
    • Added following pools:, and
27 Oct 2021

web 2.24
* New miners:
  • Team Black Miner 1.19
    • Fixed NVIDIA stats
    • Core clock and mem clock are reset while generating the dag file
    • Pool hashrate disabled for Vardiff pools
    • Reduced stale shares nvidia with --xintensity 160
    • Added a 9th nvidia cuda kernel that can give a small speedup
    • Fixed a bug in the Autotune. The kernel selector should be more accurate now
    • Removed crashed opencl cards from the hashrate statistics
  • Nanominer 3.4.1
    • Firopow zombie mode for AMD GPUs (zombie mode for Nvidia GPUs were implemented in 3.4.0)
26 Oct 2021

web 2.23
* New miners:
  • nanominer 3.4.0
    • Added Firopow algoritm for the upcoming FIRO hardfork
25 Oct 2021

web 2.22
* New miners:
  • Team Black Miner 1.17
    • Fixed --xintensity -1 (dynamic) on AMD cards
    • Don't add hashrate to average hashrate when validating the DAG file
    • API bumped to v1.2. Added DAG generation to "threads" API call
    • Core/mem clocks and powerlimit are set after DAG generation
    • Added a few seconds of mining at startup. (mine while checking the DAG buffer)
    • Reduce the stales on xintensity -1 (AMD)
  • Team Black Miner 1.18
    • Added poolside hashrate calculated from the time, accepted shares, difficulty
    • Added xintensity and kernel in the stats
    • Added shares per minute to stats
    • Fix submit hashrate at ethermine
    • Fix average hashrate/W calculation in stats
    • Added kucoin pool
25 Oct 2021

web 2.21
* New miners:
  • T-Rex 0.24.4
    • (autolykos2) Increase pool-side hashrate by 1-4%. The miner now generates the dataset for the next ERGO block before it arrives with a small penalty to reported hashrate, and when the next block does arrive, it immediately starts hashing without losing 1-4 seconds on creating the dataset. Memory requirements are doubled in this mode as the GPU has to hold two memory buffers. If there is not enough memory on the GPU for two datasets, the miner will fall back to running in single buffer mode. To take the full advantage of this mode it's recommended not to set power limit but instead limit power consumption with --lock-cclock - this will allow the miner to draw more power during dataset rebuild and not lose hashrate. If you prefer to keep your power consumption constant, you can still set the power limit, however, in that case you'll notice a slight hashrate drop after each block. Please note that in both cases the miner should give you higher pool-side hashrate in the long run compared to previous versions. Miner's reported hashrate now fully accounts for dataset creation time
    • (kawpow, firopow) Report hashrate to the mining pool
    • (WebUI) Add support for displaying multiple rigs (nodes) on the same page; various improvements and fixes
    • Add --devices-info parameter to list available CUDA devices
    • Bug fix: (ethash, autolykos2) LHR lock detection is triggered by short-term hashrate drops, e.g. when turning on the monitor connected to the GPU.
    • Bug fix: Original overclock settings are not restored upon miner shutdown in dual mining mode (only applicable if you overclock GPUs with t-rex)
    • Bug fix: (WebUI) Cannot set --gpu-report-interval to 0 (disable)
    • Bug fix: (WebUI, API) GPUs are sometimes paused with a considerable delay (should be immediate)
  • T-Rex 0.24.5
    • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Double-buffer feature in 0.24.4 is not activated automatically unless --lhr-tune is specified
25 Oct 2021

web 2.20
* New miners:
  • PhoenixMiner 5.8b
    • Implemented optimized kernels for AMD RX6600XT cards
    • Added support for the latest AMD drivers 21.30
    • The latest AMD drivers (21.30 and later) dropped support for the older kernels, so we changed the kernels for AMD Polaris cards to support these new drivers. There is a very small speed improvement (less than 0.1% on average) with the new kernels and the new drivers on Polaris cards
    • Note that Radeon VII cards will not work with drivers 21.20 or higher - you need to use older drivers for proper operation of these cards
    • Note that AMD Vega cards will not work with drivers 21.20 or higher
    • Other fixes and small improvements
  • CPUminer gr-1.2.3
    • You can reuse the tune_config file from version 1.2.X
    • Released earlier than expected so rplant users can use 1.2.X version of the miner while not being screwed by the rplant pool for not counting their shares and work which led to lower payouts to the users. Also some more QoL additions
    • Disable new rplant protocol by default. Can be enabled with --confirm-block. Please do not use this flag until rplant fixes their pool! rplant is not counting skipped shares on their backend towards the users which lead to lower miner payouts/hashrate on the pool
    • Minor output changes
    • Add info if the user is trying to use SSL protocol for non-SSL stratum when miner is not able to connect to the pool's stratum
    • Warn users if they are possibly using not optimal binaries
    • Build-in stress test
    • Add --temp-sensor=PATH - Specify temperature readout file/sensor
    • Add --stress-test - Stress test CPU with 2 fastest rotations. This should provide users with good stress test for their CPU in case they want to check basic system stability. Running it for 15-30 minutes should provide basic stability validation. Longer runs are recommended but not necessary
    • Add --confirm-block - Enable miner to send more data if a share is solving the block
  • cpuminer-opt 3.18.2 JayDDee
    • SSE42 and AVX may now be displayed as mining features at startup. This is hard coded for each algo, and is only implemented for scrypt at this time as it is the only algo with significant performance differences with those features
    • Fixed an issue where a high hashrate algo could cause excessive invalid hashrate log reports when starting up in benchmark mode
25 Oct 2021

web 2.19
* New miners:
  • Team Black Miner 1.16
    • Added new and faster Nvidia CUDA kernels. Improved performance with auto-tune to find the best option for each card
    • Changed commandline long options use of underscore. Replaced with dash. See --help
    • Added --kernel option. (NVIDIA) 8 different kernels to choose from. Without this set, autotune is enabled
    • Added --lock-mclock option. Specifies minimum and maximum memory clocks per GPU
    • Added --power-limit option. Specifies maximum power limit in watts per GPU
    • --xintensity reduced to 192 to remove stales from pools
    • Fixed a bug in average hashrate and xintensity -1 on amd cards
19 Oct 2021

web 2.18
* New miners:
  • Team Red Miner
    • Firopow/MTP: added a synthetic algo 'mtp_firopow' that will use the correct algo given the system time and shut down the miner at the time of the Firo fork on Oct 26
    • Ethash/progpow: split the ethash and progpow algos into separate binaries, mainly for some Vegas that ran into stability issues going from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6
    • Autolykos2: added support for Tonga
    • Advanced SSL usage: changed the default SSL behavior to not provide a SNI hostname during handshake. This simplifies running tunnels against TLS/SSL ports on public pools
  • nanominer 3.3.1
    • Update to fulfill Nicehash requirements. If you are not using Nicahash, You can ignore it
  • lolMiner 1.34
    • Improved performance of RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti by up to 2%, generally allowing a bit less core clock
    • Auto tuning will now be quicker to reasonable hashrates
    • Improved stability on found parameters
    • Found parameters that are hard coded with --lhrtune are now applied within 30 seconds after dag build
    • --lhrtune now understands the parameter "off" to disable any kind of LHR handling - this is useful for cards that sometimes trigger the lhr detection although they are non-LHR
    • Improved compatibility with many current drivers. Still on Linux we recommend 470.74 for LHR v2 cards. The 460 series drivers might perform up to 0.5% worse. For 3060 LHR V1 use 460.39 or earlier driver
    • The parameter --workmulti now has effect on Nvidia GPUs on Ethash. Default value is 192, lower values will improve stale count, higher values will reduce CPU load (and can be a tiny bit quicker, although only very tiny)
    • Added support of RTX A6000 / RTX A5000 / RTX A4000 (and future RTX A2000) Nvidia workstation GPUs
    • Reduced RAM usage of Nvidia Ethash solver (some 10+ card rigs got issues with 1.33 when they only had 4G of memory)
    • --statsformat now understands the string "lhrinfo" to print the --lhrtune parameter and the lock count in custom set up statistics
    • Fixed a bug with --tstop or a lost stratum connection triggering a LHR GPU to lock
    • Fixed a bug that RTX 3070Ti only triggered the lock detector on rather low memory clock
    • Fixed a bug with invalid shares in Pitcairn Ergo Zombie mode
    • Improved stability of Ethash stratum and statistics module - fixed minor issues that might rarely cause a miner crash in them
18 Oct 2021

web 2.17
* New miners:
  • Team Black Miner 1.15
    • API is bumped to v1.1. Added xintensity to "threads" request
    • One set of shares stats per algorithm. If mining eth+zil zil will have own stats
    • Fixed gpu order bug in the stats
    • Fixed gpu order bug in average hashrate
    • Fixed slow start and 0 in averagehashrate. Now with more samples to avoid fluctation
    • Fixed 0 bug in submit hashrate on ethermine
    • Added support for more AMD devices in stats
    • xintensity reduced 400 on nvidia, amd dynamic intensity start lower to avoid crash on some config
    • Added option to lock clocks --lock-cclock [[1500, 1500]]
  • SRBMiner-Multi 0.8.1
    • Added algorithm 'firopow' (FIRO - Firo coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'kawpow' (RVN - Raven coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'progpow_sero' (SERO - Super Zero coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'progpow_veil' (VEIL - Veil coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'progpow_zano' (ZANO - Zano coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'progpow_veriblock' (VBK- Veriblock coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'progpow_epic' (EPIC - EpicCash coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'astrobwt' (DERO - Dero coin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Added algorithm 'minotaurx' (LCC - LiteCoin Cash coin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
    • Lowered devfee for 'lyra2v2_webchain' algorithm to 0.85%
    • Small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm for RX550 & RX560 GPU's
    • Added shares statistics per GPU ( accepted | rejected | gpu validation errors )
    • Added watchdog for CPU workers (detect if a cpu thread stops hashing)
    • Added parameter '--gpu-progpow-mode' (which progpow program to use)
    • Added parameter '--gpu-progpow-preload' (how many periods to pre-create)
    • Fixed crashing on Ryzen 3000 series CPU's on 'autolykos2' algorithm
    • Fixed compatibility with P2P pools
    • Fixed 'Internet not found' issue on some linux distributions
    • Changed default value for '--max-no-submit-responses' parameter from 0 to 5
    • Renamed parameter '--disable-gpu-watchdog' to '--disable-worker-watchdog'
    • To fix miner disconnects on 'autolykos2' with 'WoolyPooly' pool, try --keepalive true
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Progpow algos are using single DAG allocation (no split DAG), so you need a driver that allows allocation of large buffers
    • 'Dual' mine EpicCash Progpow with any other algorithm (ETHASH, ETCHASH, AUTOLYKOS2 ...)
    • --gpu-progpow-mode is auto selected, but you can test manually, maybe you find a mode that works better for your GPU
18 Oct 2021

web 2.16
* New miners:
  • CPUminer gr-1.2.2
    • Fork with Ghostryder algo for Raptoreum (RTM) mining
15 Oct 2021

web 2.15
* New miners:
  • T-Rex 0.24.2
    • (autolykos2) Enable LHR unlock functionality. See for more details
    • (ethash, autolykos2) Add LHR unlock "auto-tune" functionality (--lhr-autotune-mode). Now the miner will try increasing --lhr-tune if it is stable at the current value, so you'll find out what the maximum LHR tune your cards can sustain without trying a lot of values manually. If you want the miner to stay at the LHR tune value you set yourself no matter what, use --lhr-autotune-mode off
    • Add ETH+ZIL mining mode with an arbitrary ETH pool (not proxying through a ZIL pool)
    • New parameter --no-new-block-info to stop "new block" messages appearing in miner console
    • (WebUI) Update interface to handle dual mining mode (algo switch button in the top right corner)
    • Bug fix: (kawpow) Hashrate degradation in version 0.24.0 on some configurations
10 Oct 2021

web 2.14
* New miners:
  • Team Red Miner 0.8.6
    • Firopow: new algo added for Firo's upcoming fork. Only testnet mining is available before the fork
    • Firopow/kawpow: rewrote tuning guide
    • Firopow/kawpow: slight hashrate improvements, mainly from choosing full gpu tuning by default and adding a micro-tuning mechanism for Polaris gpus (see new argument --prog_micro_tune)
    • Autolykos2: added high score support and display of submitted share difficulty
    • General: fixed broken fan control for Navis on some driver versions
  • XMRig 6.15.2
    • Fixed: AstroBWT auto-config ignored max-threads-hint
  • nanominer 3.3.13
    • Significantly improved Ergo (Autolykos2) performance (~10%) on Nvidia Turing GPUs (RTX 16xx, RTX 20xx, CMP 30HX)
    • Reduced Ergo (Autolykos2) power consumption on Nvidia GPUs
  • cpuminer-opt 5.0.24 rplant8
    • add minotaurx algo
  • Team Black Miner 1.11
    • Added http header to the api
    • Try to fix crash on startup on some rigs
    • Static linking of cudalibrary in the linux build
    • Try to fix submit hashrate bug on ethermine for some rigs
    • Improved performance nvidia (default --xintensity 256)
    • Fixed bug in api pcieid
  • 07 Oct 2021

    web 2.13
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.70
      • improved auto-tune for LHR GPUs, now miner speedup performance when GPU is steady
      • removed --lhr_tune1 / --lhr_tune2 parameters, use --lhr_tune to tune LHR GPUs (value range is -10 - 10, old parameters ignored for compatibility)
      • display current --lhr_tune value and current kernel in statistics table
    02 Oct 2021

    web 2.12
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt 3.18.0 JayDDee
      • Complete rewrite of Scrypt code, optimized for large N factor (scryptn2):
      • - AVX512 & SHA support for SHA256, AVX512 has priority
      • - up to 50% increase in hashrate
      • - memory requirements reduced 30-60% depending on CPU architecture
      • - memory usage displayed at startup
      • - scrypt, default N=1024 (LTC), will likely perform slower
      • Improved stale share detection and handling for Scrypt with large N factor:
      • - abort and discard partially computed hash when new work is detected
      • - quicker response to new job, less time wasted mining stale job
      • Improved stale share handling for all algorithms:
      • - report possible stale share when new work received with a previously submitted share still pending
      • - when new work is detected report the submission of an already completed, otherwise valid, but likely stale, share
      • - fixed incorrect block height in stale share log
      • Small performance improvements to sha, bmw, cube & hamsi for AVX512 & AVX2
      • When stratum disconnects miner threads go to idle until reconnected
      • Colour changes to some logs
      • Some low level function name changes for clarity and consistency
      • The reference hashrate in the summary log and the benchmark total hashrate are now the mean hashrate for the session
    • lolMiner 1.33
      • Better performance of LHR semi-unlock, about 70%+ on GDDR6x cards (3070 Ti & 3080 (Ti) ), about 71-72%+ on GDDR6 (3060 (Ti) & 3070), 81%+ on 3060 LHR V1 with the right drivers (earlier then 460.39). Recommended driver for LHR v2: 470.74
      • Less performance difference between low and high core clock then earlier versions
      • Cards are automatically detected if they are LHR - no more --mode switch required
      • In the beginning the miner will calibrate to your exact core & memory clocks. The total process takes 3-4 minutes total, one with rather low speed and the remaining time with speed closer to the final value. Try not to change any overclock after or during calibration, else the performance might be lower then expected!
      • --lhrtune has now default value of auto for an automatic tuning. Results of automatic tuning will be displayed in stats after calibration is completed. Note: re-tuning of values used in 1.32a is required!
      • Default --shortstats interval lowered to 15 seconds, default --longstats interval lowered to 30 seconds
      • More stable displayed hashrate on Nvidia cards when mining Eth
      • Changes in Api: On supported algorithms the miner now exposes the number of stale shares in API (stales and defect shares are no longer collapsed into one value)
      • Fixed a bug with processing old style --dualmode etc dualmine settings
      • Fixed some minor bugs of the API
    • Team Black Miner 1.10
      • Added an API
      • Improved stale shares on dynamic/default intensity
      • Fixed crash in gpu loop
      • Removed sudden exit crash in mining loop
      • Lower cpu usage on cuda
    30 Sep 2021

    web 2.11
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.69
      • added auto-tune for LHR GPUs (enabled by default, to disable pass --lhr_autotune 0)
      • increased reconnect tries on connection loss (--reconnect_count)
      • improved miner stability
    • Team Black Miner 1.08
      • Fixed submit hashrate on ethermine
      • Added more pools
      • Improved Dag creation (Nvidia)
      • Added support for more devices in amd stats
      • Fixed bug in average submitted time in the console
    • NBMiner 39.5
      • feature: ergo new LHR mode for mining ERGO, enable it by manually adding -lhr option
      • Same as LHR mode in ethash, -lhr value represents expected hashrate to reach value percent of non-LHR GPU's hashrate, supports comma-seperated list to indicate -lhr value for each GPU, and -lhr -1 to disable
      • For GPUs with Hynix GDDR6 memory, LHR mode is not recommended for the poor performance
      • For GPUs with non-Hynix GDDR6 memory, e.g. 3060 3060ti 3070, start trying with -lhr 85
      • For GPUs with GDDR6X memory, e.g. 3070ti 3080 3080ti, start trying with -lhr 100
      • When mining lock is detected during ERGO mining, miner will automatically decrease -lhr value by 0.5, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 5.0
      • optimize: ergo Lower power consumption on Nvidia GPUs
    • T-Rex 0.23.1
      • NOTE: this version includes a couple of breaking changes: GPU ordering change and telnet API removal. Make sure you remove your GPU-order specific OC settings from *.bat/*.sh files before updating. Auto-updates won't be turned on for this version for the same reason
      • New WebUI and API (refer to on how to set it up)
      • Ability to generate config files
      • Improved API security: optional password and certificate based authentication, https
      • GPU/memory clock and share difficulty reporting
      • Log viewer
      • Ability to pause GPUs
      • If you don't like the new WebUI and would prefer to use the old one for any reason, download archive, put it next to t-rex executable, and restart the miner
      • Order GPUs by PCI bus id. You may need to change the settings that relied on GPU order
      • Remove telnet API
      • Multiple bug fixes
    25 Sep 2021

    web 2.10
    * New miners:
    • nanominer 3.3.12
      • Added Verthash for AMD GPUs
      • Fixed Raven on Nvidia with 470.57 Linux driver
      • Уменьшено количество stale решений на Raven
      • Исправлен сбой при запуске nanominer на некоторых AMD GCN3 и старше
  • XMRig 6.15.1
    • Updated CUDA plugin compatible with XMRig v6.15.0+
  • NBMiner 39.4
    • (octopus) Fix error hash issue
  • 23 Sep 2021

    web 2.09
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.22.1
      • (octopus) Fixed CFX mining broken in 0.22.0
    20 Sep 2021

    web 2.08
    * New miners:
    • Team Black Miner 1.06
      • Fixed amd stats
      • Fixed bug in --list-devices on rigs without cuda
      • Removed nvidia_smi error message on rigs without cuda
      • Added support for more pools
    • T-Rex 0.22.0
      • (ethash) Add partial LHR unlock functionality for 30xx cards. Refer to for more details
      • Add firopow algorithm for upcoming FIRO hard fork
      • (kawpow) Add CPU share validation functionality for all progpow-like algorithms
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) CPU share validation is broken
      • Bug fix: Switching to failover pools takes too long
      • Stability fixes
    20 Sep 2021

    web 2.07
    * New miners:
    • nanominer 3.3.11
      • Fixed invalid ETH shares issue on some Nvidia RTX30xx
    • NBMiner 39.3
      • feature: ethash new low power LHR mode, add -lhr-mode option
      • -lhr-mode 2 is the default LHR mode, which is the new lower power mode
      • -lhr-mode 1 changes LHR mode to old version, which is the same as v39.2
      • -lhr-mode 1 is suitable for only power limit bounded GPU, can achieve higher hashrate than mode 2
      • -lhr-mode 2 is able to achieve lower average power and temperature. espacially suitable for GPUs with gddr6x e.g.3070ti, 3080, 3080ti. Power consumtion is fluctuating in this mode, better be used with locked core clock
      • feature: -lhr support decimal value
      • feature: for LHR GPUs, when mining lock is detected, miner will automatically decrease -lhr value by 0.1, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 1.0
      • fix: higher CPU usage when set --share-check 0
    20 Sep 2021

    web 2.06
    * New miners:
    • WildRig Multi 0.29.0 beta
      • implemented support of AMD RDNA 2 gpu's(6x00 series)
      • fixed support new AMD drivers
    • nanominer 3.3.10
      • Fixed Raven invalid shares issue for some Nvidia RTX 30xx GPUs
      • Fixed ETH performance issue for some Nvidia RTX 30xx GPUs
      • Returned launch with command line arguments
    • GMiner 2.68
      • detect lock of LHR GPUs, automatically unlock and continue mining
      • display of miner restart count by watchdog
    • Team Black Miner 1.04
      • Initial placement
    15 Sep 2021

    web 2.05
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.32
      • Beta Feature: Added RTX 3000 series semi-unlock for LHR v2 cards giving up to 30% more performance then in locked state. Use --mode LHR2 to call it (and --mode LHR1 for 3060 LHR1 cards). Also added a low power LHR mode for V2 cards (--mode LHRLP). Recommended drivers for LHR2 and LHRLP: 470.63.01 or 465.31 - others could be more unstable. Use --lhrtune to improve either performance or stability. Read the guide for configuring here:
      • Improved performance of RTX 3060 LHR v1 semi-unlock by 2-3% depending on configuration - at same low consumption!
      • Added detection of the "fan glitch" for RTX 3000 LHR cards. When the glitch is detected, the GPUs will leave the special LHR modes automatically
      • Significantly improved Ergo performance on GCN Gen 1 GPUs (e.g. HD 7970, R9 280, R7 370)
      • Added Ergo kernels for Pitcairn GPUs
      • New configuration scheme for Et(c)hash + Zil dual mining with dual stratum! See documentation here:
      • When a pool requests a re-connection, the miner will now do so immediately instead of waiting 1 second and no longer say the connection got "lost"
      • Added support for extra nonce subscription on Ergo stratum - this will cause less reconnects on Nicehash
      • Fixed an issue causing "invalid" shares on Ethash when the pool makes intensive use of variable difficulty (e.g. HiveOn, Nicehash...)
      • Fixed an issue that might cause the epoch to update too late when doing Eth + Zil dual stratum
      • Fixed an issue causing too much stale or very late shares in Ergo
      • Updated complete network stack to newer libraries - for more stability
      • A lot of internal re-structuring and fixes
    • Bminer 16.4.7
      • Support Ethereum mining on AMD RDNA GPUs (e.g. 5700)
      • Enable LHR mode to unlock part of the performance of LHR GPUs (e.g. RTX3060)
      • Improve energy efficiency for Ethereum on the Polaris/Vega architecture
    12 Sep 2021

    web 2.04
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.67 beta
      • partial LHR cards unlock without additional power consumption
      • use --lhr 1 to force enable unlock for RTX 3060 V1
      • use --lhr_tune1/lhr_tune2 to tune unlock parameters, positive values increase performance, negative values decrease probability of lock
    • nanominer 3.3.9
      • Kawpow performance improvements for Nvidia Pascal, Turing and Ampere GPUs
      • Improved connection stability for China users
      • Set fan speed option
    • miniZ 1.8y4rc1
      • Improved stability for mining locked GPUs while mining ETH
      • Fixed rejected shares on 3060s
      • If you get many invalid, and are overclocking, it may be usefull to use the option --dag-fix
      • Added --nohttpheaders to remove http headers from getstat api
    11 Sep 2021

    web 2.03
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner 0.8.5
      • General: added mem temp limits (stop/resume), see --mem_temp_limit and --mem_temp_resume
      • Ethash: added support for forcing ethash pool hashrate reports (see --eth_hash_report)
      • Ethash: fixed hashrate reports for Crazypool when using failover pools
      • Autolykos2: added extranonce subscription support for e.g. Nicehash
    • NBMiner 39.2
      • feature: ethash added LHR lock detection and recovery in LHR mode
      • fix: ergo more robust protocol handle
    • XMRig 6.15.0
      • Added automatic coin detection for daemon mining
      • Added new algorithm RandomX Graft (rx/graft)
      • AstroBWT: added AVX2 Salsa20 implementation
      • Added support for new CUDA plugin API (previous API still supported)
    06 Sep 2021

    web 2.02
    * New miners:
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.8.0
      • Added algorithm 'randomgrft' (GRFT - Graft coin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
      • Performance increase on 'ethash' algorithm for RX6800/6900 GPU's
      • Performance increase on 'etchash' algorithm for RX6800/6900 GPU's
      • Performance increase on 'ubqhash' algorithm for RX6800/6900 GPU's
      • Performance increase on 'verthash' algorithm for RX6800/6900 GPU's
      • Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm for RX6800/6900 GPU's
      • Performance increase on 'autolykos2' algorithm on ZEN2+ AMD CPU's (up to ~90%). Might apply to other AVX2 CPU's too - not tested
      • Fixed 'cryptonight_gpu' algorithm for RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's
      • Fixed 'cryptonight_xhv' algorithm for RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's
      • Added GPU power consumption details to stats & api
      • Decreased time needed for algorithm switch when using --multi-algorithm-job-mode 3 with cpu mining
      • Minor bug fixes
    • GMiner 2.66
      • improved KAWPOW (Ravencoin) performance under Linux on Nvidia GPUs
      • added AMD implementation for KAWPOW (Ravencoin)
      • improved compatibility with Ethash pools
    25 Aug 2021

    web 2.01
    * New miners:
    • NBMiner 39.1
      • optimize: ethash improve hashrate of LHR mode 1 - 2%,default value of -lhr changes from 68 to 69,manually set to 70 is also very promising
      • fix: kawpow issue of v39.0
    21 Aug 2021

    web 2.00
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.65
      • fixed floating hashrate reporting (appeared in v2.64)
    19 Aug 2021

    web 1.99
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.21.6
      • (API) Add timestamp of the last submitted share (last_submit_ts)
      • Bug Fix: (autolykos2) Improve compatibility with mining pools
      • Bug Fix: Command line parameter --worker does not take precedence over the one specified in the config file
      • Bug Fix: (API) Pausing the miner through HTTP POST is not working
      • Bug Fix: --fork-at functionality is broken
      • Bug Fix: Cosmetic UI fixes
      • NOTE: Telnet API will be removed from the miner in the next release as superseded by HTTP API
    16 Aug 2021

    web 1.98
    * New miners:
    • Nanominer 3.3.8
      • Fixed kawpow for some users
      • Fixed incorrect shares on some XMR jobs due to wrong blob length
    • NBMiner 39.0
      • feature: ethash New LHR mode for ETH mining on RTX 30 series LHR GPUs, able to get ~70% of maximum unlocked hashrate
      • This mode can be tuned by argument -lhr, only works for ethash right now
      • -lhr default to 0, meaning even if -lhr is not set, LHR mode with -lhr 68 will be applied to LHR GPUs if certain GPUs are detected
      • Tune LHR mode by setting -lhr , a specific value will tell miner try to reach value percent of maximum unlocker hashrate, e.g. -lhr 68 will expect to get 68% of hashrate for same model non-LHR GPU
      • Higher -lhr value will results in higher hashrate, but has higher possibility to run into lock state, which will leads to much less hashrate
      • A good start tuning value is 68, which has been tested to be stable on most rig configurations
      • -lhr value can be set for each GPU by using comma separeted list, -lhr 65,68,0,-1, where -1 means turn off LHR mode
    • XMRig 6.14.1
      • Code refactoring
    15 Aug 2021

    web 1.97
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.31
      • Fixed a bug with Ethash Nicehash protocol reporting "conversion of data to type 'b' failed" on new jobs
      • Slightly adjusted parameters for RTX 3060 (LHR V1) semi-unlock to be more resilient over different configurations
    09 Aug 2021

    web 1.96
    * New miners:
    • PhoenixMiner 5.7b
      • Implemented new "turbo" kernels (-clkernel 3) for AMD Polaris cards that can work with the current DAG sizes over 4 GB. Note that -clkernel 3 uses double the VRAM and will provide slightly faster hashrate with slightly higher power consumption. You can use the -rvram command-line parameter to specify how much VRAM to be left unused
      • Increased the maximum supported DAG epoch to 600 (i.e. until about Sep 2023)
      • Implemented full hardware control for AMD RX6900/6800/6700 cards under Linux. Note that with these cards under Linux you need to specify relative core voltage: e.g. -cclock -50 will set the core voltage to be 50 mV under the default value
      • Added ROCr kernels for Vega, Radeon VII and Navi cards. With these kernels you will be able to run these cards with Linux drivers 20.45 and later but the performance will be lower than with the older PAL drivers and kernels. We recommend using AMD Linux driver 20.30 for all cards except RX6900/6800/6700
      • Fixed an issue causing crashing with some RX6900/6800/6700 cards under Linux (there is no need to run these cards with -clkernel 0 anymore)
      • Added support for AMD Linux drivers up to 21.20 (use older drivers for Vega or Radeon VII cards as they will not work with 21.20)
      • Numerous other fixes and small improvements
    08 Aug 2021

    web 1.95
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.64
      • performance improvements for Ethash on Nvidia GPUs(20 and 30 series)
      • fixed zombie mode for Ravencoin
    06 Aug 2021

    web 1.94
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.17.1
      • More ternary logic optimizations for AVX512, AVX512+VAES, and AVX512+AES
      • Fixed my-gr algo for VAES
    • T-Rex 0.21.5
      • (Linux) Add GPU power limit management support (see --pl parameter for details)
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Duplicate share issue
      • Bug fix: (Web UI) watchdog-exit-mode parameter is missing in the config
    29 Jule 2021

    web 1.93
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.63
      • fixed periodic miner restarts under Linux
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.8
      • Added algorithm 'circcash' for GPU mining, fee 0.85%
      • Performance increase on 'heavyhash' algorithm on GPU's (~15-25%)
      • Performance increase on 'verushash' algorithm on CPU's supporting SSE4.2 and AES (~4%)
      • You can now set/change memory timings in real time!
      • Added parameter '--gpu-manual-tuning' for real time editing of memory timings
      • Added parameter '--log-file-mode'
      • Fixed auto setup on Ethash algorithm for Navi/Navi2 cards that broke in previous version
      • Removed devfee for 'randomwow' algorithm
      • Removed devfee for 'bl2bsha3' algorithm
      • Removed devfee for 'eaglesong' algorithm
      • Removed devfee for 'k12' algorithm
      • Removed devfee for 'kadena' algorithm
      • Removed devfee for 'minotaur' algorithm
      • Minor bug fixes
    25 Jule 2021

    web 1.92
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner 0.8.4
      • General: Added fix for failure to load GPU kernels on newer drivers
      • Emergency patch: fixed Haven mining generating mostly hw errs after the recent hard fork
    22 Jule 2021

    web 1.91
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.62
      • fixed performance degradation on mining edition Nvidia GPUs when using memory tweaks (appears in 2.61, reboot required)
    21 Jule 2021

    web 1.90
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.61
      • contest, use GMiner and win ETH, read contest rules below
      • you need to use gminer from version 2.61 or higher
      • for participation in contest, you need to run miner with "--contest_wallet ETH_WALLET" parameter, accordingly specifying a valid Eth wallet in the parameter (for example: --contest_wallet 0x5218597d48333d4a70cce91e810007b37e2937b5)
      • condition for participation in contest is use of gminer on any algorithm and with any hashrate with --contest_wallet parameter for at least 72 hours
      • each rig participating in contest has same weight regardless of hashrate (from laptop to rig with 20 cards)
      • miner notifies contest server every hour of continuous work, server remembers number of hours worked and wallet for contest specified in --contest_wallet parameter
      • user ID is set of hardware IDs, there is no point in running multiple copies of the miner in parallel on same rig, this does not increase chances of winning
      • miner running on multiple rigs, even with same Eth wallet specified in the --contest_wallet parameter, increases chances of winning in proportion to number of rigs
      • server stores number of hours worked, miner can be restarted without losing accumulated time
      • in process of working with --contest_wallet parameter, current progress in fulfilling conditions of contest is displayed under statistics table (for example, Contest: 7/72)
      • in order to become participant in contest and fulfill the necessary conditions, period of time equal to a week is given
      • at end of contest, data about users (serial number, unique identifier, Eth wallet) who have fulfilled all conditions are uploaded to numbered list and placed in public access
      • five winners are selected from public list of participants using online roulette in live broadcast
      • each of winners is sent certain amount of coins to Eth wallet specified in the --contest_wallet parameter
      • Join our telegram group for more details:
    19 Jule 2021

    web 1.89
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.21.4
      • (autolykos2) Minor performance improvements (mainly Pascal GPUs)
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Invalid shares when mining ERGO at NiceHash
      • Bug fix: (mtp) ntime out of range and Low difficulty share errors
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.17.0
      • AVX512 optimized using ternary logic instructions
      • Faster sha256t on all CPU architectures: AVX512 +30%, SHA +30%, AVX2 +9%
      • Use SHA on supported CPUs to produce merkle hash
      • Fixed byte order in Extranonce2 log & replaced Block height with Job ID
    19 Jule 2021

    web 1.88
    * New miners:
    • miniZ 1.8y3
      • Added kernel for Ethash mining locked GPUs (RTX 3060 default mode 80). Use 460.39 drivers for best performance, although any driver should work
      • Added dag verification on ETH
      • Improvements 150/5 for RTX 30XX GPUs, up to 8%
      • Added --mt-auto, --mt-dump and --mt options to adjust memory timings
      • The --mt options will only apply settings to Pascal devices (known to work well with GTX 1080, GTX 1080Ti), and will require super user permissions. Also, these are usually applied to ethash/progpow algos, however equihash algos may also benefit from them
      • If you are unsure about the timing values, use the --mt-dump option first to get a hint. Lower values usually will give a better performance
      • Remember when using the --mt option to always specify the timing pair, with the values separated by ‘.’ such as ‘16.5’
      • If you have multiple devices you can specify multiple values like this --mt 16.5,0,16.5. The 0 means no timings should be applied
      • Warning: some values will be invalid for your GPU and may cause the driver/GPU to crash. In this case you will need to restart your rig/system/computer. Use with caution
      • Added HTTP headers to json api
      • Added mining rentals, and other pools, to magic list
      • Minor bug fixes
    15 Jule 2021

    web 1.87
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.21.3
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Low pool side hashrate when mining ERGO at Nanopool
    12 Jule 2021

    web 1.86
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.21.2
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Low pool side hashrate caused by invalid shares
    08 Jule 2021

    web 1.85
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.21.1
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) Low pool side hashrate caused by unnecessary dataset creations
      • Bug fix: (autolykos2) High CPU usage on some configurations
    07 Jule 2021

    web 1.84
    * New miners:
    • XMRig 6.13.1
      • Added support for solo mining with miner signatures for the upcoming Wownero fork
    • lolMiner 1.30
      • Added Autolykos V2 mining (ERGO)
      • ERGO: use --algo AUTOLYKOS2 to select it
      • ERGO: fee: 1.5%
      • ERGO: Cuda solver: Supports Nvidia Maxwell (GTX 900 series) and newer GPUs with at least 3G of VRAM
      • ERGO: OpenCL solver: Supports AMD GCN1 (Radeon HD 7950) and newer with at least 3G of VRAM
      • ERGO: Experimental zombie mode for AMD GPUs with 2G of memory (like HD 7870, RX 550, ...)
      • Improved performance of RTX 3060 semi-unlocker in Linux
      • Reduced power draw of RX 3060 semi-unlocker in Linux
      • Significantly improved DAG repair process on all Nvidia GPUs. Even at high OC now the DAG should be created successfully withing a short time
      • Fixed a bug with 3060 semi-unlocker not unlocking after DAG rebuild
      • Fixed a bug in Ethash stratum when mining with Nicehash protocol on some pools not sticking 100% close to protocol
      • Some minor fixes
    • T-Rex 0.21.0
      • Add autolykos2 algorithm for ERGO mining (dev fee 2%)
      • Bug fix: Total power consumption is not displayed when some GPUs do not report it
    04 Jule 2021

    web 1.83
    * New miners:
    • NBMiner 38.0
      • feature: ergo add mining.extranonce.subscribe support
      • fix: --enable-dag-cache causes crash on certain situation
    • NBMiner 38.1
      • fix: high CPU usage in v38.0
    29 June 2021

    web 1.82
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.58
      • added display of pool hashrate estimated by accepted shares
      • fixed freezing on DAG generation on AMD GPUs on some drivers
      • support latest AMD drivers
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.16.4
      • Faster sha512 and sha256 when not using SHA CPU extension
      • Fixed GBT incorrect target diff in stats
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.16.5
      • Fixed GBT incorrect target diff in stats, second attempt
      • Fixed formatting error in share result log when --no-color option is used.
    • Nanominer 3.3.6
      • Added option maxRejectedShares: set the maximum amount of rejected shares before restarting miner process/rebooting the rig
    28 June 2021

    web 1.81
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.57
      • improved compatibility with older Linux distributives
      • bug fixes and stability improvements
    • miniZ 1.8y2
      • Fixed GTX 1660 regression while mining flux
      • Added support for Ethash and Etchash mining. Ethereum mining, most Ethash coins, and Ethereum Classic
      • Improvements for Flux, on RTX 30XX
      • Fixed invalid shares on Flux, and ETH
      • Added Maxwell kernel for Beam
      • Fixed kernel for 1650 Ti, RTX 3060, and Quadro T1000 on Beam
      • Added algo and pers details to Telemetry
      • Options --server and --port can be used separately (Fixing issue with NiceHash “there is no pool selected”)
      • Added --forcenvml, to force GPU monitoring
      • Intensity option was modified
      • When no worker name is specified, miniZ doesn’t make worker=rig’s name anymore
      • No need to add stratum1 to url, for ETH, on Proshashing
      • Improved stale shares
      • No need to add stratum/stratum1/stratum2 to url, for ETH, on most pools
    23 June 2021

    web 1.80
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt-rplant8 5.0.22
      • Add yespowerarwn algo
    12 June 2021

    web 1.79
    * New miners:
    • nsfminer 1.3.14
      • Log difficulty of solutions
      • Help corrections
    • GMiner 2.56
      • display memory temperature for AMD cards (if GPU support it)
      • removed cuckatoo31/cuckatoo32 algorithms
    12 June 2021

    web 1.78
    * New miners:
    • NBMiner 37.6
      • fix: ethash --enable-dag-cache cause crash on AMD GPUs when switch DAG file
      • fix: ergo support on AMD Vega GPUs
    • GMiner 2.55
      • lock core clock feature for Nvidia GPUs under Windows and Linux (--lock_cclock)
      • resolve domain names even with broken system DNS settings
      • support SOCKS5 proxy (--proxy host:port)
    04 June 2021

    web 1.77
    * New miners:
    • XMRig 6.12.2
      • GPU backends are now disabled in benchmark mode
      • Improved MSR compatibility with recent Linux kernels and updated
      • sse2neon updated to the latest version
      • Fixed help output for --cpu-priority and --cpu-affinity option
      • Fixed broken light mode mining on x86
      • Fixed CL code for KawPow where it assumes everything is AMD
      • RandomX: enabled IMUL_RCP optimization for light mode mining
      • RandomX: added BMI2 version for scratchpad prefetch
      • RandomX: rewrote dataset read code
      • Добавлен псевдоним argon2/ninja для алгоритма argon2/wrkz
    31 May 2021

    web 1.76
    * New miners:
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.6
      • Fixed auto-tune option for 'autolykos2' algorithm that broke in previous version
      • Fixed hashrate regression on 'autolykos2' algorithm for Baffin, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji cards
      • Small improvements on 'ethash' algorithm
      • Small improvements on 'etchash' algorithm
      • Added possibility for escaping separator characters in --password field with # (use #; and #!)
      • Minor bug fixes
    30 May 2021

    web 1.75
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.20.4
      • Add --lock-cclock parameter to lock GPU core clock speed
      • Reduce miner startup time
      • Bug fix: T-Rex has a problem with GPU, terminating... error when system time changes as a result of time synchronisation
      • Bug fix: (ethash) ethproxy mode is broken
      • Bug fix: GPUs keep consuming significant amount of power even after being disabled due to the temperature exceeding --temperature-limit
      • Bug fix: Miner fails to start with --mt parameter specified if video drivers are older than 410.xx
      • Bug fix: (Web UI) Miner fails to start after saving the config file through the Web UI
      • Bug fix: --help command queries GPU status preventing the display of the help message if NVIDIA driver is not installed
    27 May 2021

    web 1.74
    * New miners:
    • kawpowminer 1.2.4 (ETHminer fork)
      • Fixed support RTX 30xx graphic cards
    • NBMiner 37.5
      • new algo: ergo for AMD GPU, can be faster with ETH mining timings
      • optimize: ergo slightly improce hashrate on Nvidia GPUs
      • feature: use --temperature-limit & --temperature-start to protect GPU from overheat
    21 May 2021

    web 1.73
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner 0.8.3
      • General: added Autolykos2 algo for ERGO (very good target for Vega 56/64)
      • General: improved and simplified dual ZIL mining for ethash/kawpow/verthash/autolykos2
    19 May 2021

    web 1.72
    * New miners:
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.4
      • Dataset creation for 'autolykos2' algorithm faster
      • Small improvements on 'ethash' algorithm
      • Small improvements on 'etchash' algorithm
      • --gpu-tweak-profile and --gpu-boost should now work with latest AMD drivers
      • Added parameter '--gpu-buffer-mode', can be used with ZIL dual mining
      • Added '--gpu-ethash-mode 3' for older cards, no DAG is created on Ethash, Etchash (use it if you feel really lucky)
      • Changed the way how 'ignored jobs' are displayed. If you want to see 'ignored job' messages, you need to enable extended logging
      • More bug fixes with ZIL 'dual' mining
      • Minor bug fixes
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.5
      • Fixed hashrate for 'autolykos2' algorithm on RDNA and RDNA2 GPU's that broke on previous version (0.7.4)
      • Fixed 'autolykos2' algorithm for Tonga, Fiji and Hawaii GPU's that broke on previous version (0.7.4)
    18 May 2021

    web 1.71
    * New miners:
    • PhoenixMiner 5.6d
      • Added native kernels for AMD RX6700 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares
      • Increased the max supported DAG epoch to 550 (should be enough to about Jan 2023)
      • Full support for setting clocks, fan speeds, voltages, and memory timings of AMD RX6900/6800/6700 cards
      • The specific hashrate is now shown in the form of kilo hashes per joule (kH/J). Example: if a GPU has hashrate of 30 MH/s with 100W power usage, the specific hashrate is 300 kH/J
      • Added new command-line parameters -ttj and -ttmem, allowing automatic fan speed control based on GPU hotspot (junction), and memory temperatures respectively. Example: -ttmem 83 will keep the GPU memory temperature at or bellow 83C by increasing the fan speed as necessary. These parameters can be combined with -tt, as well as with each other. These options are supported on both AMD and Nvidia GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures. For example the memory temperature is reported on Nvidia 3080, 3090, and 2080Ti
      • Added new command-line parameters -tmaxj and -tmaxmem, allowing to decrease the GPU usage when the GPU hotspot (junction), or GPU memory temperatures are above the specified thresholds. These options are supported both Nvidia and AMD GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures
      • Fixed problem with displaying GPU temperatures of some GPUs that was introduced in beta versions of PhoenixMiner 5.6
      • Added support for AMD Linux drivers 21.10-1244864-ubuntu-18.04, 21.10-1247438-ubuntu-20.04, and 20.50.x. Use this drivers only if you have Polaris or older GPUs, or the latest RX6x000 GPUs. WARNING: Vega, Radeon VII, and Navi GPUs won't work with these drivers!
      • Turn off the zero fan feature on AMD cards whenever a fixed fan speed is used (e.g. -tt -40), or when an auto fan with min fan speed is used (e.g. -tt 63 -minfan 35). To disable this feature, add -fanstop 1 command-line parameter
      • When -mcdag 1 is specified under Linux, the miner will not wait for the script to finish before starting to generate the DAGs. Instead it will for a fixed 7 seconds. This allows you to do all the following in the turn off the overclocking of Nvidia GPUs, sleep for 30-60 seconds to allow time for DAG generation, and then re-apply the overclocking of the Nvidia GPUs
      • Lower percent of rejected/stale shares when mining on Nicehash
      • Other small improvements and fixes
    • lolMiner 1.29
      • Added the Nvidia 3060 "Unlocker" for Linux. This new mode mode:
      • Allows to mine at a speed about 3/4 of the maximum speed of this cards (+40-45% over locked cards)
      • Allows using risers
      • Allows multiple GPUs in one system
      • Needs Nvidia Linux driver between 455.45.01 and 460.39. Other driver versions will run at locked speed
    16 May 2021

    web 1.70
    * New miners:
    • PhoenixMiner 5.6c
      • Lower percent of rejected/stale shares when mining on Nicehash
      • Fixed problem with reading GPU temperature with some AMD GPUs/drivers
      • Other small fixes and improvements
    09 May 2021

    web 1.69
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.28
      • Significantly improved / speed up DAG repair function. The miner now should produce a valid DAG also at high overclock
      • Emergency temperature stop (--tmode, --tstart, --stop) now also working for Nvidia GPUs using CUDA
      • Zombie mode GPUs no longer crash during DAG verify
      • When one Nvidia GPU stops because of a recoverable error (e.g. not enough memory for DAG or temperature limit reached), this will no longer crash all other Nvidia GPUs
      • The parameter --disable-dag-verify was not working for OpenCL fired cards. Not it does
      • Fixed overzealous reconnection on Ethash connections when not receiving new work within 30 seconds (now limit is 150 seconds). This caused problems, especially on ETC+ZIL
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.16.3
      • Incremental improvements to verthash
    • NBMiner 37.3
      • feature: add option --enable-dag-cache to allow an extra DAG for different epoch cached in GPU memory, useful for ETH+ZIL mining and mining on NiceHash
    07 May 2021

    web 1.68
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.27
      • Added verify routine for Ethash dag epochs 400 to 450. In case the miner will detect defect entries, the CPU will try to fix this. Mining will be paused until the repair is completed. Use --disable-dag-verify to disable the verify & repair mechanism routine
      • Re-worked default Ethash kernels for Pascal GPUs - improved their performance
      • Added Ethash kernels for Fermi and Kepler GPUs. Most of them will only work for small epoch Eth forks
      • Nvidia cards on Ethash now pause when the stratum reports no current work (e.g. when connection was lost)
      • Added a split DAG mode for Nvidia GPUs in case that the memory allocation fails on the primary kernels. This will be a bit slower, but improve compatibility, especially for 5G GPUs. Use --mode s to force it
      • Added parameter --cclk to fix the core clock of Nvidia Turing and newer GPUs without using external tools. Use a comma separated list to give different values to cards, use * to skip over cards. Needs super user or administrator privileges to work
      • Added new dualmode zilEx. This works like --dualmode zil but with the ability to use --dualdevices to exclude GPUs from switching to ZIL. They will continue on the secondary connection and do not switch
      • Added new dualmode eth. This will allow to point different GPUs to different pools
      • Added parameter --statsformat to use custom format for the bigger statistic box. The expected values are either compact or default or extended or a comma separated list of values. Use --help-format to get a list with accepted entries
      • Added reading of current core and memory clocks for AMD and Nvidia GPUs
      • Fixed a stratum error, that caused the "all shares stale" bug when too many reconnect attempts in a row did fail
      • Fixed a crash on Nvidia GPUs when mixing ethproxy and Nicehash stratum modes in dualmodes
      • Fixed zombie tune values not applied when using json format for configuring
      • Fixed displayed names of RX 6000 generation of cards and RTX 3060 in 460.x drivers
      • Cuckaroo-29 with 48 cycle length - originally planned for Italocoin - got removed because of the lack of use
    05 Mat 2021

    web 1.67
    * New miners:
    • Phoenix 5.6b
      • Added support for showing GPU hotspot (junction), and video memory temperatures for Nvidia GPUs. Note that the video memory temperature is only shown by some GPUs (3080, 3090, possibly 2080Ti)
      • The options -ttj, -ttmem, -tmaxj, and -tmaxmem now also work with Nvidia GPUs
      • Added support for AMD Windows drivers 21.4.1
      • Added support for AMD Linux drivers 21.10-1244864-ubuntu-18.04 and 21.10-1247438-ubuntu-20.04 (use these only with Polaris or older GPUs, or with the latest RX6x00 GPUs, these drivers won't work with Vega, Radeon VII, or Navi GPUs)
    29 Apr 2021

    web 1.66
    * New miners:
    • nanominer 3.3.5
      • Fixed "Unknown GPU name" issue with new AMD drivers
    28 Apr 2021

    web 1.65
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner
      • Verthash: added --verthash_max_uploads=N to control the upload of the verthash table to gpus at startup. Some chipsets get issues running > 4 gpus concurrently. Typical error is that multiple gpus die immediately at startup when running the full rig, but work fine if you only run 3-4 gpus
      • Verthash: fixed support for 2GB gpus
    25 Apr 2021

    web 1.64
    * New miners:
    • NBMiner 37.2
      • feature: add option -p -p1 -p2 for setting password of mining pool, old format -u wallet.worker:passwd is disabled,: can be added as part of worker or wallet
      • optimize: ethash minor hashrate improvement on RDNA GPUs
    • T-Rex 0.20.3
      • (octopus) Add share validation support via --validate-shares parameter
      • Enable miner termination upon exceeding predefined maximum of total power consumption (--exit-on-high-power parameter)
      • Bug fix: (ethash) Performance degradation on Pascal and Turing GPUs
      • Bug fix: Miner fails to start after saving config file through Web UI
      • Bug fix: Miner fails to start if password (-p) is not specified
      • Bug fix: User script specified with --script-on-exit doesn't execute when miner gets shut down via WebUI
      • Bug fix: Minor cosmetic fixes
    • XMRig 6.12.1
      • Fixed Zen3 assembly code for cn/upx2 algorithm
    24 Apr 2021

    web 1.63
    * New miners:
    • nsfminer 1.3.13
      • Dropped AMD binary kernel support. No suitable kernels
      • Dropped effective hash rate calculator. Not working in stratum v2
      • Added API Prometheus http metrics support
      • Fix API HTTP response RFC deviations
      • Minor bug fixes
    23 Apr 2021

    web 1.62
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner 0.8.2
      • Verthash algo added (use -a verthash)
      • Tonga gpus (R9 285/285X/380/380X, W7100, S7150) now supported for ethash and kawpow
      • Fixed device name parsing for ROCm 4.1
      • API: added sensor power, junction temp and mem temp to API output
      • Extended support to 24 gpus (previous max was 16 gpus)
      • Better handling of driver issues related to gpu clocks/temps stats
      • Now displaying sensor power in the 30s stats output
      • Fixed watchdog DEAD false alerts for small gpus building the kawpow DAG
      • Kawpow now working fully with MiningPoolHub, regardless of bad seedhash values
    • XMRig 6.12.0
      • Added support for Uplexa (cn/upx2 algorithm)
      • RandomX: optimized IMUL_RCP instruction
      • Added support for --user command line option for online benchmark
    22 Apr 2021

    web 1.61
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.53
      • fixed miner crashes on DAG changes for ETH+ZIL mining
      • fixed DAG caching on 6GB cards
      • apply lock_voltage before DAG generation (in 2.52 miner applied lock_voltage after DAG generation)
    19 Apr 2021

    web 1.60
    * New miners:
    • Phoenix 5.6a
      • Added native kernels for AMD RX6700 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares
      • Increase the max supported DAG epoch to 550 (should be enough to about Jan 2023)
      • Full support for setting clocks, fan speeds, voltages, and memory timings of AMD RX6900/6800/6700 cards
      • The specific hashrate is now shown in the form of kilo hashes per joule (kH/J). Example: if a GPU has hashrate of 30 MH/s with 100W power usage, the specific hashrate is 300 kH/J
      • Added new command-line parameters -ttj and -ttmem, allowing automatic fan speed control based on GPU hotspot (junction), and memory temperatures respectively. Example: -ttmem 83 will keep the GPU memory temperature at or bellow 83C by increasing the fan speed as necessary. These parameters can be combined with -tt, as well as with each other. These options are supported only on AMD GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures
      • Added new command-line parameters -tmaxj and -tmaxmem, allowing to decrease the GPU usage when the GPU hotspot (junction), or GPU memory temperatures are above the specified thresholds. These options are supported only on AMD GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures
      • Added support for AMD Windows drivers 21.3.2, and 21.3.1
      • Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.50.x. Use this drivers only if you have Polaris or older GPUs, or the latest RX6x000 GPUs. WARNING: Vega, Radeon VII, and Navi GPUs won't work with these drivers!
      • Turn off the zero fan feature on AMD cards whenever a fixed fan speed is used (e.g. -tt -40), or when an auto fan with min fan speed is used (e.g. -tt 63 -minfan 35). To disable this feature, add -fanstop 1 command-line parameter
      • When -mcdag 1 is specified under Linux, the miner will not wait for the script to finish before starting to generate the DAGs. Instead it will for a fixed 7 seconds. This allows you to do all the following in the turn off the overclocking of Nvidia GPUs, sleep for 30-60 seconds to allow time for DAG generation, and then re-apply the overclocking of the Nvidia GPUs
      • Other small improvements and fixes
      • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.3
        • Small improvement on 'cryptonight_xhv' algorithm for some GPU's
        • Fixed '--gpu-off-temperature' parameter
        • Fixed bugs with 'dual' mining ZIL + any other algorithm
        • Removed parameters '--gpu-target-temperature' and '--gpu-target-fan-speed' - use external application instead
        • Minor bug fixes
    18 Apr 2021

    web 1.59
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt-rplant 5.0.21
      • fixed avx2 on ghostrider algo
    • T-Rex 0.20.1
      • (API) Add miner state to the summary handler output (paused - true/false)
      • --extra-dag-epoch can now be set per-GPU
      • Bug fix: Miner crashes when --validate-shares is set
      • Bug fix: Incorrect share difficulty suffix when diff is greater than 1000G
      • Bug fix: (Web UI) Hashrate chart resets at midnight
      • Bug fix: Manually selected kernel number is not displayed at start up
      • Bug fix: Incorrect failover pool setup args parsing (multiple -o, and single -u/-p pair causes empty username/pass for failover pools)
    16 Apr 2021

    web 1.58
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt-rplant 5.0.20
      • large aes/avx2 optimization for ghostrider algo
      • bugfixes
    14 Apr 2021

    web 1.57
    * New miners:
    • CryptoDredge 0.26.0
      • Add KawPow Algorithm
      • Add Chukwa-v2 Algorithm
      • Fix MTP issue related to 'invalid device symbol'
      • Support NVIDIA Ampere (RTX 30XX)
      • Add --temperature-limit and --temperature-start options
      • Add off flag to Nimiq optimizer (--optimizer off)
      • Avoid c-ares dependency on libnsl
      • Remove no longer supported algorithms
    • Some miners for mtp algo:
      • CCminer djm34-1.3.2L
      • SGminer djm34-0.1.3
      • CPUminer djm34-0.1.0
    14 Apr 2021

    web 1.56
    * New miners:
    • nsfminer 1.3.12
      • Add -F option to load parameters from a file instead of on command line
      • add timestamp to console log
      • Fix simulation and benchmark for low epochs
      • add --cl-split option to force split DAG mode for AMD GPUs. May improve performance on older GPUs.
      • display GPU memory temperature if available. Also add to API.
    • lolMiner 1.26
      • Slightly improved performance of Ethash on Pascal / Turing & Ampere GPUs (about +0.1 - 0.2 mh per card)
      • Further reduced internal latency in Ethash Cuda back end (less stale shares & CPU load)
      • Added experimental Grin-C32 kernel for Radeon 6700
      • Fixed a bug in Cuda back-end to crash with a segfault on Epoch change (introduced in 1.25)
      • Fixed a bug that Nvidia-GPUs did not start when Cuda Toolkit was not installed (It reported "No OpenCL devices found ..." - which was complete nonsense)
      • Fixed some (rare) potential faults in Beam stratum
    • miniZ 1.7x3
      • Added kernel for ETH mining with the RTX 30XX GPUs
      • Improved stale shares for all algos
    • XMRig 6.11.2
      • Fixed regression in HTTP parser and llhttp updated to v5.1.0
    13 Apr 2021

    web 1.55
    * New miners:
    • T-Rex 0.20.0
      • Remove old and rarely used algorithms (x25x, x16r, etc)
      • Combine all CUDA builds into a single binary
      • (UI) Display maximum share difficulty if --validate-shares is set
      • Bug fix: --script-epoch-change fails to execute the script when switching to ZIL session when dual mining ETH+ZIL
      • Bug fix: (API) Inconsistent GPU ordering in API when --pci-indexing is set
      • Bug fix: Various stability issues
    • GMiner 2.51
      • 2.51beta changed to 2.51
    • Bminer 16.4.6
      • Improve performance for Conflux mining on the Turing / Ampere architecture
      • Improve energy efficiency for Ethereum on the Polaris architecture
    12 Apr 2021

    web 1.54
    * New miners:
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.2
      • Added algorithm 'heavyhash' (oBTC - Optical Bitcoin) for GPU mining, fee 2.5%
      • Dataset creation for 'autolykos2' algorithm on 'ellesmere' GPU's faster ~3%
      • DevFee for 'verthash' algorithm lowered to 1%
      • DevFee for 'rx2' algorithm lowered to 1%
      • Parameter '--disable-workers-ramp-up' changed back to '--enable-workers-ramp-up', so default value of ramp-up is now disabled
      • Api doesn't report 0 h/s anymore while creating dataset for 'autolykos2' algorithm
      • Added parameter '--max-no-submit-responses' (for details check --help )
      • Minor bug fixes
    • GMiner 2.51
      • significant CPU usage reduction
      • fixed bug with AE mining (appeared in 2.50)
      • fixed bug with worker name (appeared in 2.50)
    10 Apr 2021

    web 1.53
    * New miners:
    • nanominer v3.3.4
      • Faster dataset creation for Ergo on AMD RX 4xx and 5xx series (autolykos2 algorithm)
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.16.2
      • Verthash: midstate prehash optimization for all architectures
      • Verthash: AVX2 optimization
      • GBT: added support for Bech32 addresses, untested
      • Added CPU frequency to benchmark log
      • Fixed integer overflow in time calculations
    • kawpowminer 1.2.3 (ETHminer fork)
      • Support RTX 30xx graphic cards
    09 Apr 2021

    web 1.52
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.25
      • Supports Maxwell to Ampere GPU generations
      • Two different mining kernels. Use --mode a (faster) --mode b (better energy efficiency) to select between the two. The selection can be done per card via a comma separated list. In mixed system select 'a' for skipping over the AMD cards
      • Both kernel modes need less energy and perform better then in 1.24a
      • Reduced internal latency for less stale shares
      • Reduced CPU load when mining with Nvidia cards
      • lolMiner works now without OpenCL driver installed
      • In case of mixed rigs AMD GPUs will use OpenCL while Nvidia cards use Cuda
      • ZIL cache feature fully supported (and stable)
      • Temperature stop & Zombie mode is currently not supported
      • Added Ethash, Beam Hash III, Grin Cuckatoo 32 and Cortex kernels for RX 6700
      • The Ethash stratum interface will now try to run up to three attempts of reconnecting before switching the stratum mode
      • Fixed "Warning: index out of bounds" error when switching from ETHPROXY to ETHV1 stratum mode. This might solve problems with some pools on connection loss
    07 Apr 2021

    web 1.51
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.50
      • improved beamhash performance (~+2%)
      • improved cuckatoo32 performance (~+5%)
      • added display of GPU model in statistics table
      • added --worker parameter to specify worker name for ETH pools thats doesn't support wallet.worker notation
      • added option to display date in log (--log_date)
      • added option to log stratum (--log_stratum)
      • display epoch and block number on new job
      • updated Web UI for --api
      • uses --proto stratum for NiceHash by default
      • bug fixes and stability improvements
    04 Apr 2021

    web 1.50
    * New miners:
    • nanominer 3.3.3
      • Faster dataset creation for Ergo (autolykos2 algorithm)
      • Added zombie mode for Ergo on 2 Gb GPUs both Nvidia and AMD
      • Fixed issues with shardpool (Zilliqa)
    28 Mar 2021

    web 1.48
    * New miners:
    • ETHminer 0.19.0-17
      • Add rejected & failed share counts to HTTP API
      • Fix fastexit not working on some AMD GPUs
      • Support RTX 30xx graphic cards
    • ETHminer 0.19.0 ETChash
      • This fork of ethminer is modifed for Ethereum Classics etchash activated by thanos on mainnet block 11700000
    • ubqminer 0.19.0 (ETHminer fork)
      • Support RTX 30xx graphic cards
    • T-Rex 0.19.14
      • (octopus) Minor performance improvements for 16 series GPUs
      • (ethash, etchash) Add --validate-shares parameter to enable share validation and display share difficulty
      • Bug fixes: Memory tweaks have no effect on some 1060 cards
      • Bug fixes: Miner fails to start after Linux kernel update
      • Bug fixes: (API) Invalid stats if power usage reporting is not supported
      • Bug fixes: Various UI fixes
    28 Mar 2021

    web 1.47
    * New miners:
    • VerthashMiner 0.7.2
      • Fixed nonce range calculation for GBT
    28 Mar 2021

    web 1.46
    * New miners:
    • cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 3.16.1
      • New options for verthash:
      • --data-file to specify the name, and optionally the path, of the verthash data file, default is "verthash.dat" in the current directory.
      • --verify to perform the data file integrity check at startup, default is not to verify data file integrity.
      • Support for creation of default verthash data file if: --data-file option is not used, no default data file is found in the current directory, and, --verify option is used.
      • More detailed logs related to verthash data file.
      • Small verthash performance improvement.
      • Fixed detection of corrupt stats caused by networking issues.
    27 Mar 2021

    web 1.45
    * New miners:
    • XMRig 6.10.0
      • Fixed pause logic when both pause on battery and user activity are enabled.
      • Fixed compatibility with gcc 4.8.
      • Fixed many new job messages when solo mining.
      • Fixed crash in cn-heavy on Zen3 with manual thread count.
      • Fixed possible out of order write to log file.
      • http-parser replaced to llhttp.
      • For official builds: libuv, hwloc and OpenSSL updated to latest versions.
    • nsfminer 1.3.10
      • Avoid splitting DAG unnecessarily
      • Fix missed connection delay when --retry-max is 0
      • Minor bug fixes (display formatting)
      • Add --seq option to sequentially load DAG one GPU at a time
    • Bminer 16.4.5
      • Исправлены проблемы совместимости с некоторыми Ethereum пулами
    • cpuminer-opt-rplant 5.0.19
      • fixed memory leak on gr algo
      • bug fixes
    27 Mar 2021

    web 1.44
    * New miners:
    • GMiner 2.49
      • improved DAG generation, now miner generates valid DAG in extremal OC modes.
      • --safe_dag option allows you to choose a way to DAG generation.
      • Fast mode(1, default for GTX GPUs): miner generates DAG as quickly as possible, DAG errors are possible at maximum overclocking.
      • Safe mode(2, default for RTX GPUs): miner generates DAG with error control, useful for RTX cards at maximum overclocking.
      • improved memory tweaks(fixed problem with possibly broken DAG on epoch change)
    • NBMiner v37.1
      • fix: ergo high reject ratio on 10 series Nvidia GPUs
      • fix: ergo pool compatibility
      • Recommend miners with p106-90 & 1060 3G to mine ERGO, hashrate will be increased significantly with -mt option
    26 Mar 2021

    web 1.43
    * New miners:
    • lolMiner 1.25a
      • Ethash & Beam-III solvers for new RX 6700 (XT) cards
    25 Mar 2021

    web 1.42
    * New miners:
    • Team Red Miner v0.8.1.1
      • Minimal one-line update: device id added for 6700XT. No need to upgrade for other users
    24 Mar 2021

    web 1.41
    * New miners:
    • SRBMiner-MULTI 0.7.1
      • Added algorithm 'heavyhash' (oBTC - Optical Bitcoin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
      • Added algorithm 'yespowermgpc' (MagPieCoin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%
      • Small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm
      • Fixed crash on 'panthera' algorithm on non-ryzens
      • Minor bug fixes
    23 Mar 2021

    web 1.40
    * New miners:
    • XLArig 5.2.2
      • Initial release
    • CPUminer rplant 5.0.17
      21 Mar 2021

      web 1.39
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 37.0
        • new algo: ergo for mining ERGO coin on Nvidia GPUs
        • delete algo: bfc cuckarood for Nvidia, octopus for AMD
        • fix: octopus: support CFX new address format
        • fix: 'clBuildProgram error' issue on Vega for versions 35.0 - 36.1
        • feature: disable AMD iGPU by default, can be enabled back by setting --enable-igpu
        • other: minor bug fix, improve overall stability
      19 Mar 2021

      web 1.38
      * New miners:
      • nanominer v3.3.2
        • Autolykos performance improvements about 40% for AMD Vega family (RX Vega 56, RX Vega 64, Radeon VII)
      16 Mar 2021

      web 1.37
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.19.12
        • (ethash) Add ethproxy (getwork) mode (connection URL example: -o stratum+
        • Bug fix: (API) Security vulnerability that allows creating / modifying PC files when API is bound to in --api-read-only mode
        • Bug fix: No connection error
        • Bug fix: --watchdog-exit-mode doesn't always reboot the PC in r mode
      1 Mar 2021

      web 1.36
      * New miners:
      • SRBminer 0.6.9
      • Gminer 2.46
      05 Mar 2021

      web 1.35
      * New miners:
      • CCminer rx2
        • Fork for LUX coin added
      18 Feb 2021

      web 1.34
      * New miners:
      • XMRig 6.8.2
        • Miner updated
      08 Feb 2021

      web 1.33
      * New miners:
      • Nanominer 3.2.2
        • Autolykos performance improvements for AMD, 1-5% depending on GPU
        • Updated AMD devices detection code for windows
        • Fixed Autolykos for AMD Big Navi (Radeon 6xxx)
      • SRBminer 0.6.7
        • Performance increase on 'autolykos2' algorithm on GPU's
        • Reduced power consumption on 'autolykos2' algorithm on GPU's
        • Faster dataset creation on 'autolykos2' algorithm on GPU's
        • Fixed miner crashing when creating dataset on 'autolykos2' algorithm
        • Fixed miner crashing when running --gpu-auto-tune on 'autolykos2' algorithm
        • Possible fix for 'duplicate share' issue on 'autolykos2' algorithm
        • Fixed 'k12' algorithm
        • Devfee increased on 'autolykos2' algorithm from 1.25% to 2.00%
        • Ethash - added 1 or 2 buffer mode for DAG (manually set with --gpu-ethash-mode, check Help\Cmd_Gpu_Parameters.txt)
        • Minor bug fixes
      • VerthashMiner 0.6.2
        • Initial release
        • API is not provided, so stats are not very verbose
      15 Feb 2021

      web 1.32
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.24a
        • Added (tunable) zombie mode kernels for R9 290(x) and R9 295 GPUs - on a popular request
        • Fixed a bug, that often caused the amdgpu driver to report a VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS on startup
        • Fixed defect shares and wrong reported hashrate when started with fixed --zombie-tune parameters directly
      09 Feb 2021

      web 1.31
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.23
        • Reduced the amount of needed host memory when running many cards in zombie mode. Will resolve issues when there is a high number of card. If 1.22 works good for you, but 1.23 is unstable stay at 1.22.
        • Slightly improve zombie mode performance on future epochs above 387.
      09 Feb 2021

      web 1.30
      * New miners:
      • SRBminer 0.6.5
        • Huge performance increase on 'autolykos2' algorithm on GPU's (up to ~600%)
        • Huge performance increase on 'autolykos2' algorithm on CPU's with AVX2 (up to ~500%)
        • Added abort mechanism for 'autolykos2' dataset creation on CPU
      08 Feb 2021

      web 1.29
      * New miners:
      • Nanominer 3.2.0
        • Added Autolykos algorithm support for Ergo coin. Fee is 5%. Needs at least 3 GB GPU
      • PhoenixMiner 5.5c
        • Added native kernels for AMD RX6800 and RX6900 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares
        • Updated kernels for AMD Polaris, Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster and use less power than before when mining ETH. To use these updated kernels, you need to use drivers 20.5.1 or later under Win10, or 20.10.x or later under Linux
        • The Nvidia mining cards (P106, P104, etc.) can now use straps and hardware control options (power limit, memory overclock, max temperature, etc.) under Windows
        • Added support for the latest AMD Windows driver 21.1.1 (still, we don't recommend using the 21.1.1 driver yet - we had some instability issues with it even when just idling on the desktop!)
        • Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.45-1164792 and 20.45-1188099. Use this drivers only if you have RX6800 or RX6900 GPU. WARNING: Vega and Navi GPUs won't work with these drivers!
        • Automatically set -ttli instead of -tmax when the later is not supported by the driver. This will throttle down the GPUs when they reach the specified temperature to avoid overheating
        • Added new -mcdag parameter to reset the memory overclock on Nvidia cards during DAG generation. This may allow you to set higher memory overclock on your Nvidia cards without risking corrupt DAG buffer, which can lead to excessive number of incorrect shares. Use -mcdag 1 (by default the value is 0, which means turned off) to use this new feature.
        • Under Linux -mcdag 1 will execute provided by the user shell script named (if present in the current directory) for each Nvidia GPU, passing the GPU index as the first argument, and PCIE bus ID as second argument. The miner will then wait for about 7 seconds before starting DAG generation to allow the script enough time to reset the memory overclock.
        • The -tt parameter is now strictly for controlling the fan behavior. E.g. -tt 60 sets auto-fan speed with target temperature 60C; -tt -70 sets fixed fan speed 70%; and -tt 0 turns off the fan control. All these can be specified per GPU.
        • There is a new -hwm parameter that allows controlling the frequency of the hardware monitoring, which was also done by -tt in the previous versions of PhoenixMiner
        • Other small improvements and fixes
      06 Feb 2021

      web 1.28
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.22
        • Significantly improved the performance of zombie mode on RX 400 and RX 500 GPUs in Linux, especially for low zombie tune values between 0 and 4 and rather high epochs. Performance increases by 7-11% on epoch 393 (--4g-alloc-size 4080 on a RX 580. 4G) and 15-20% on epoch 400. Re-tuning using the auto-tune is recommended. Also this version might draw a bit more power, but with approximately same total efficiency.
      05 Feb 2021

      web 1.27
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.21
        • slightly improved the performance of Linux zombie mode on Polaris GPUs on medium tune stages (needs re-tuning from previous settings)
        • increased range of accepted zombie tune parameter for GPUs with high interconnect bandwidth
        • slightly decreased GPU load of Polaris GPUs during DAG build
        • added more control about handling cards that are detected to be non-working any more. Use parameter --watchdog off/exit/script to turn off any action, exit the miner with a specific exit code or to run an external script. See detail description on the 1.21 release page
        • Nvidia cards that experienced a OpenCL driver error (e.g. "CL_OUT_OF_RESOURCES" will now also trigger the watchdog with the configured effect.
        • The --ethstratum parameter can now take two options separated by a ',' to give different options in case the dual or split mining mode is used.
        • The dns resolving and the connection attempt can now timeout (after 10 seconds each) and will re-try to connect afterwards. This fixes an issue when a pool went offline and the following connection attempt takes indefinitely much time. Each timeout event contributes to the counter that will trigger switching to fail-over pools.
        • New option --apihost (default which controls to which host address the api binds. Use to restrict api access to only your computer, is equivalent to everyone can access when rig is reachable on the used apiport. IPV6 ip addresses should be supported, but is untested.
        • Fixed a issue that might cause the rig to drop to 0 hash rate on epoch changes - including changes with activated ZIL caching
        • Fixed the pool hash rate reporting not working correctly in dual & split stratum modes
        • Fixed the dual stratum connection not picking up the correct worker name when --worker is used
        • Fixed miner not loading Ethash / Etchash kernels on Tahiti and Hawaii GPUs when using older then end 2017 drivers
      04 Feb 2021

      web 1.26
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.8.1
        • Big Navi support added. This is just a basic support release for all supported Navi algos (ethash, kawpow, mtp, nimiq).
          Kernels are close to or identical with Navi10 A-mode (ethash) and default modes for Navi10 (kawpow, mtp, nimiq).
          Please read the updated ETHASH_TUNING_GUIDE.txt for a short tuning section at the very end of the file.
          Big Navi should run in A-mode for ethash (default choice), not B-mode. Read tuning guide for more info.
        • Eth+zil mining: new pool strategy 'min_epoch' added for switching between plain eth and eth+zil pools. See the example start script start_zil_eth(.bat/.sh) for usage.
        • Ethash: Navi display gpus now using A-mode by default to prevent allocation issues, especially on Windows.
        • Statistics: now proper handling of negative temperatures under Linux.
      03 Feb 2021

      web 1.25
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.20
        • Significantly improved Ethash mining speed on R9 390 (+6 mh/s on stock settings compared to 1.19) and Etchash speed on R9 290.
        • Added new split & dual mining options. This allows more freedom or better latency and stability on ETH+ZIL dual mining as well as split mining, i.e. let some cards mine ETH while other (3 and 4G) cards mine ETC
        • The archives for ZIL example files now contain examples how to bypass the ZIL pools. Also an example configuration for ETH / ETC card split is provided
        • Fixed a bug with 4G cards crash on mining ETC when trying to falsely enter zombie-tune
        • Fixed R9 380 cards not start mining Beam
        • Fixed "Address already in use" API bug in Linux (that incidentally got introduced in 1.19)
      21 Jan 2021

      web 1.24
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.19.9
        • Add ability to execute custom scripts upon certain events with new parameters: --script-start, --script-epoch-change, --script-crash, --script-low-hash
        • (ethash, kawpow, octopus) Add --dag-build-mode parameter to fine tune DAG build mode (mostly to help with various stability issues, see readme for details)
        • Allow non-existent GPU indices passed in to --devices / -d parameter: the miner will display a warning message but will continue mining using the GPUs it could find)
        • Cosmetic changes: improve error descriptions, display block number when mining solo at some pools (2miners)
        • Bug fix: (ethash, kawpow, octopus) Stability regression for Pascal GPUs
        • Bug fix: (Mining pool difficulty is not always updated in the summary report (#131)
      21 Jan 2021

      web 1.23
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.8.0
        • Biggest release in a long while with rewritten ethash kernels and new mining modes for all gpu types!
      20 Jan 2021

      web 1.22
      * New miners:
      • PhoenixMiner 5.5b
        • Added native kernels for AMD RX6800 and RX6900 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares
        • Updated kernels for AMD Polaris, Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster and use less power than before when mining ETH. To use these updated kernels, you need to use drivers 20.5.1 or later under Win10, or 20.10.x or later under Linux
        • The Nvidia mining cards (P106, P104, etc.) can now use straps and hardware control options (power limit, memory overclock, max temperature, etc.) under Windows
        • Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.45-1164792 and 20.45-1188099. Use this drivers only if you have RX6800 or RX6900 GPU. WARNING: Vega and Navi GPUs wont' work with these drivers!
        • Automatically set -ttli instead of -tmax when the later is not supported by the driver. This will throttle down the GPUs when they reach the specified temperature to avoid overheating
      13 Jan 2021

      web 1.21
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.19
        • Added automatic tuning mode for --zombie-tune. This is default on, so just run the miner with --4g-alloc-size set only to run the zombie mode automatic tuning. At the end it will report the configuration in case you want to use the configuration again. You can also exclude cards from tuning or set their value manually, e.g. --zombie-tune 2,auto,0,auto will run the automatic tuning on the 2nd and 4th GPU while using fixed number 2 for first card and 0 for the 3rd one. The tuning will need about 30 seconds per card in the rig to show first results. The next two phases take about 1 minute per card and followed by a approximately 1.5 minutes fine tune phase
        • Ethash stratum connection will now reconnect after three pool rejected shares in a row that did pass own CPU verify before. This solves issues with unstable proxy forwarding e.g. in some ZIL pools. Also helps to get quicker to a failover pool if configured
        • Fixed bug: Miner did not start up when "DEVICES" was configured in as a vector in json file, e.g. in some ETHOS configurations
      • NBminer 36.1
        • optimize: octopus Lower power comsumption for 20、30 series Nvidia GPU, improve hashrate 2% on 16 series Nvidia GPU
        • fix: ethash Fix performance degradation under win8 & win8.1 for Nvidia 10 series GPUs
        • fix: ethash Slightly reduce stale ratio
        • fix: A random crash bug fix, improve overall stability
        • feature: Add detail datetime & cpu usage in summary log
        • feature: ethash If DAG verification failed, display corresponding GPU name in red in summary
      11 Jan 2021

      web 1.20
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.19.7
        • Improve stability for 30xx series GPUs on ethash, octopus, kawpow
        • Ethash: Verify overclock stability after DAG rebuild (Instability detected message is printed in case there are issues
        • Add --gpu-report-interval-s parameter to control hashrate summary report frequency based on the number of share submissions
        • API: Add new pause command for control handler to pause and resume mining
        • Watchdog: Display a list of GPUs caused miner restart with GPU is idle error
        • Bug fix: (x21s) incorrect size of extranonce2 error
        • Bug fix: (UI) Incorrect GPU index in share submission report when --pci-indexing mode is enabled
        • Bug fix: (API) Miner fails to switch algorithms on the fly for some " -> " combinations
      09 Jan 2021

      web 1.19
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.18a
        • Improved linux zombie mode power draw & speed Polaris GPUs (R9 380, RX Fury, RX 4x0 and RX 5x0). Depending on configuration, the zombie mode now uses 0.5 to 1W less energy and is 0.2 to 0.4 mh/s faster
        • Added --zombie-tune parameter for Polaris GPUs. This will increase the performance of zombie mode (further up on the general improvement) by an other 5-15%, depending on parameter and epoch (later epochs profit more). Default value is 0 (off), for most cards the value of 2 is optimal. If you see cards getting slower then before, set to 0 or 1. Note: you either can give one value for the whole rig or provide a comma separated list for each card individually. Cards not running zombie mode ignore the parameter
        • The parameter --4g-alloc-size can now also be set for each card individually
        • Slight rework of Beam Hash III back end. Improves poolside hash rate by approx 0.2 to 0.3% - displayed hashrate and power consume kept equal
        • Added a 4G_Ethash_Linux_Readme.txt file to the Linux release, giving guidance how to configure for ideal zombie mode performance.
        • Fixed: segmentation fault when the dns resolve of a pool fails
        • Fixed: miner does not restart after connection loss
        • Applied potential fix for "address or port already in use" bug
        • Fixed: Miner not mining ETC correctly
        • Reverted some internal parameters that might cause instability of 1.18
      08 Jan 2021

      web 1.18
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 36.0
        • fix: kawpow crash on some GPUs in versions 35.x
        • fix: ethash performance degradation under win7 for Nvidia 10 series GPUs.
        • delete algo: eaglesong, eaglesong_ethash, trb, trb_ethash, hns, hns_ethash, sipc, cuckaroo, cuckaroo_swap
        • feature: smaller binary size
      05 Jan 2021

      web 1.17
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 35.2
        • Ethash: more stable under high OC for Nvidia 16、20、30 series GPUs
        • Octopus: improve hashrate 1-3% for 16, 20, 30 Nvidia GPUs
        • Ethash: DAG verification after creation, if miner showed log in red font: Verification failed, invalid 2.0%, please consider lower GPU overclock
      25 Dec 2020

      web 1.16
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.22
        • Ethash: Kernel rewrite for Navi. Should now be more stable and use less power. Vega/Polaris still in the works
        • Slightly reworked init procedure again to address some rigs running better on <= 0.7.18 than >= 0.7.19
        • Added Claymore compatible API, see the --cm_api_listen option
      21 Dec 2020

      web 1.15
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.19.5
        • Up to 20% performance improvements on most 20xx and 30xx series GPUs with low PL on octopus algo
        • Add solo mining support for octopus algo
      • NBMiner 35.1
        • ethash: More stable under high OC for Nvidia GPUs
        • octopus: Improve hashrate 1-3% for 16, 20, 30 Nvidia GPUs
      21 Dec 2020

      web 1.14
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix Miner 5.4c
        • Added support for DAG epochs up to 500
        • Fixed crash (or GPUs not detected error) when using the latest Windows Nvidia drivers 460.79 and 460.89
        • Validated support for Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, and 3060Ti GPUs. Those still use the current kernels and there are no speed increases from the previous PhoenixMiner release
        • Add support for the older AMD Linux driver 19.50-1011208-ubuntu-18.04 (used by some Linux mining OSes and other software)
        • Added new kernels to allow mining on AMD Hawaii cards (R9 390, etc.) with the current and future DAG epochs (even with DAG buffer above 4GB for the 8GB cards). Note that the AMD Windows drivers do not support compute mode for Hawaii cards, so the hashrate will be quite low (14-15 MH/s with the current ETH DAG epoch). This problem is fixed under Linux, where you can get the full 29-30 MH/s speed out of the Hawaii cards
        • T-Rex 0.19.4
          • (Linux) Miner not starting with various TREX: xxxx (base64 encoded) errors

        * For t-rex, the miner version is automatically selected depending on the installed drivers
      19 Dec 2020

      web 1.13
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.21 Ethash: improved probability for high (4078-4080MB) ethash 4GB capped allocation running stable over time
      17 Dec 2020

      web 1.12
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.35
        • improved compatibility with Ethash pools (
        • added DAG check after generation for Ethash and ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms, this feature help to detect overclock issues
        • improved compatibility with AMD devices under Windows, now miner display temperature and power consumption for newest AMD cards
        • improved AMD support under Linux (fixed "No device found" error on some system configurations)
        • improved support of newest Nvidia drivers (fixed "NVML initialization failed" error)
        • decreased stale share percentage on ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms
        • not stop miner when DAG generation failed on some GPU (this GPU will be marked RED in statistics)
        • removed algorithms: Eaglesong, Handshake, Kadena, BeamHashI, BeamHashII, Grimm, Cuckaroo29, Cuckaroom29, Equihash 96,5)
        • significantly reduced binary size
        • significantly performance improvements for KAWPOW/ProgPoW algorithms on mining edition GPUs
      • Nanominer 3.1.4
        • Fixed detecting 0 Nvidia devices in case NVML fails with latest Nvidia driver
        • Fixed stability issue with AMD RX 5700 mining Ethash in Linux
      • lolMiner 1.17
      16 Dec 2020

      web 1.11
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 35.0
        • Ethash: Add statistics for invalid shares, in cmd log, api and web monitor
        • Turn off limitation for not allowing to run under Virtual Machine
        • Add statistics for Health information of AMD GPU
        • More detail error information of OpenCL api
        • Reduce CPU usage
      15 Dec 2020

      web 1.10
      * New miners:
      • Teamredminer 0.7.20
        • ETH is now approaching the start of the 4GB death with the upcoming switch to epoch 382.TRM was the first miner to add support for mining with 4GB gpus with a partial DAG, here called extended mining. However, it has always required manual configuration. This release adds a default conservative cap at 4072MB for DAG storage on 4GB gpus for out-of-the-box execution of the miner. For maximum performance, miners are still advised to manually tune their rig(s) with the --eth_4g_max_alloc argument. Most rigs runs stable with a higher value than 4072, which makes a significant difference for upcoming ETH epochs. For more detailed instructions, our Ethash 4GB guide has also been updated and is available at
        • Ethash: added default capped DAG allocation for 4GBs at 4072MB (see --eth_4g_max_alloc)
        • Ethash: bugfix for crashes using --eth_dag_cache on 4GB gpus
      14 Dec 2020

      web 1.09
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix Miner 5.4b
        • New kernels for AMD Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster when the DAG buffer is approaching or passing 4GB in size (the current ETH DAG is close to 4GB). To use these new kernels, you need to use drivers 20.5.1 or later under Win10, or 20.10.x or later under Linux
        • Re-running auto-tune as needed when switching to a different DAG buffer type (e.g. when switching from ETH to ETC, or back)
        • Added support for the latest AMD Windows 10 drivers 20.12.1 and 20.11.3
        • Fixed crash when trying to set -mvddc on very old AMD drivers (including the beta blockchain drivers from 2017)
        • Other small fixes and improvements
        • Changelog:
      • T-Rex 0.19.4 Minor improvenemts on octopus, bug fixes. Changelog:
      • Gminer 2.34 System improvements. Chagelog:
      13 Dec 2020

      web 1.08
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.19 Ethash solo-miner share high-score list added, use --high_score to enable
        Ethash single buffer dag for a small power save. Only available on recent drivers and should in theory always be an improvement. It is not verified 100% stable yet and therefore not the default in this version. Enable with --eth_dag_buf=A to test.Changelog:
      10 Dec 2020

      web 1.07
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 34.5 optimize: ethash Improve hashrate 1% on certain Nvidia GPUs
        optimize: octopus Minor improvement on certain 20 & 30 series Nvidia GPUs
        feature: -mt More effective and compatibility on Geforce Pascal GPUs
        fix: kawpow progpow_sero Fix crash on certain AMD & Nvidia rigs
      07 Dec 2020

      web 1.06
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.19.1 Minor performance improvements on octopus algo
      04 Dec 2020

      web 1.05
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 34.4 optimize: octopus Improve hashrate 1-5% on Nvidia 16, 20, 30 series GPUs, 29.2M on 1660s
      01 Dec 2020

      web 1.04
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 34.3 fix: etchash error on swiching epoch, ETC miners should upgrade to this version
      • T-Rex 0.19.0 added octopus algo, load NVRTC library only when required reducing RAM footprint for non-ProgPoW based algorithms, remove --gpu-report-interval parameter, now GPU stats summary table is printed every 30s. Other cosmetic changes
      01 Dec 2020

      web 1.03
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 34.0 support for octopus algo on Nicehash added, improve hashrate on Nvidia 10 series GPUs,3% higher hashrate under same PowerLimit, or same hashrate with 5%-10% lower PowerLimit on ethash algo
      28 Nov 2020

      web 1.02
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.3b added support for etchash algo
      27 Nov 2020

      web 1.01
      * New miners:
      26 Nov 2020

      web 1.00
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 33.7 -no-interrupt option added, efficiency in console added
      23 Nov 2020

      web 0.99
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.2e fixed some problems with 4gb and 8gb AMD GPUs
      22 Nov 2020

      web 0.98
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 33.6hashrate increase on octopus algo up to 10% on 16 20 30 series Nvidia GPUs, at least +100% on all other GPUs
      21 Nov 2020

      web 0.97
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.10 & 0.18.11 minor changes
      • Nanominer 3.1.0 & 3.1.1 hashrate increase on octopus algo up to 24%
      • NBMiner 33.5 hashrate increase on octopus algo up to 90% on 16 20 30 series Nvidia GPUs, at least +100% on all other GPUs
      21 Nov 2020

      web 0.96
      * In Downloads added help section. Miners readme`s will be uploaded later in this section* New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.2d added -daglim, -dagrestart, -rxboost options
      18 Nov 2020

      web 0.95
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.9 increased pool side hashrate by 1-2%
      15 Nov 2020

      web 0.94
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 33.4
      • lolminer 1.15
      • Nanominer 1.13.1
      14 Nov 2020

      web 0.93
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.8 added etchash algorithm for upcoming ETC fork
      11 Nov 2020

      web 0.92
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.6 & 0.18.7 memory consumption reduced and bug fixes
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.17 BETA: added fancontrol, bug fixed
      08 Nov 2020

      web 0.91
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 33.4 octopus algo improvements
      • Bminer 16.3.4 octopus algo added
      05 Nov 2020

      web 0.90
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 33 & 33.1 added new algo: octopus
      30 Oct 2020

      web 0.89
      * In Downloads and netdd script added new image akita (kernel 5.6, AMD 20.40, NVIDIA 450.57)
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.5 ethash hashrate increase
      29 Oct 2020

      web 0.88
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.16c added new algo: trtl_chukwa2
      24 Oct 2020

      web 0.87
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.15
      • CryptoDredge 0.25.1
      • T-Rex 0.18.2 added progpow-veil algo
      • Wildrig-multi 0.28.1 added progpow-veil algo
      15 Oct 2020

      web 0.86
      * Amd drivers 20.40 added to amd-tool
      19 Oct 2020

      web 0.85
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.11 mining on 382+ epoch, but with hashrate reduce
      16 Oct 2020

      web 0.84
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.18.1 added progpow-veriblock, progpow-veil and megabtx algos
      • CPUminer rplant 4.5.17 qureno algo added
      11 Oct 2020

      web 0.83
      * New miners:
      • lolMiner 1.10
      09 Oct 2020

      web 0.82
      * Added favorite manifests
      * New miners:
      • T-Rex 0.17.3
      08 Oct 2020

      web 0.81
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.27 fixed miner crash on Ethash/ProgPoW for DAG over 4GB, added VProgPoW, ProgPoWZ algos
      07 Oct 2020

      web 0.80
      * New miners:
      • NBMiner 32.0 beam v3 algo added, cuckatoo32 & ethash optimisations
      • WildRig Multi 0.27.6 miner version was not updated for a very long time in, so there are a lot of changes
      03 Oct 2020

      web 0.79
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.12 bugfix release: v0.7.11 could crash with rejected ethash shares
      02 Oct 2020

      web 0.78
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.11
      26 Sep 2020

      web 0.77
      * New miners:
      • CPUminer rplant 4.5.16 wallet example is also added
      • Gminer 2.23 many improvements, but size is over 175Mb, be careful
      23 Sep 2020

      web 0.76
      * New miners:
      • Bminer 16.3.1
      • SRBMiner 0.5.1
      16 Sep 2020

      web 0.75
      * New miners:
      • LolMiner 1.07 added some new algos (XTA fork and other)
      02 Sep 2020

      web 0.74
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.9 added --eth_epoch argument for easier epoch testing, added --eth_aggr_mode for automatic aggressive 'B' mode on Polaris 8GB gpus
      31 Jule 2020

      web 0.73
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.8 upgrade for Haven hard fork, Nimiq optimisations
      • XMRig new 6.3.0
      • SRBMiner 0.4.7
      • T-Rex miner 0.15.8
      20 Jule 2020

      web 0.72
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.17 & 2.18 added Cuckaroo29z algo
      17 Jule 2020

      web 0.71
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.1b
      • NoncerPro Cuda 3.3.1 initial integration in, bugs are possible<
      16 Jule 2020

      web 0.70
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.16 added AMD support for Cuckaroo29b (BitTube)
      • XPM Miner AMD 10.5beta initial integration in, bugs are possible
      14 Jule 2020

      web 0.69
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.14 fixed bugs and lowered devfee on cuckaroom29-qitmeer
      • Gminer 2.15 added Cuckaroo29b algorithm (BitTube)
      • MiniZ 1.6v3 minor changes
      • LolMiner 1.03 improved performance of beamhash3
      12 Jule 2020

      web 0.68
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.7 bug fixes and updates for NIMIQ
      • LolMiner 1.01 improved performance of beamhash3 on all 6G+ cards (by about 4-5%), added 3G / 4G solver for beamhash3
      28 June 2020

      web 0.67
      * New miners with beamhash3 support:
      • LolMiner 1.0
      • MiniZ 1.6v2
      • Bminer 16.2.4
      • Gminer 2.11
      28 June 2020

      web 0.66
      * New miners:
      • NBminer 31.1 new algo cuckatoo32, support for kawpow on Nicehash
      • TeamRedMiner release for NIMIQ
      24 June 2020

      web 0.65
      * New miners:
      • Bminer 16.2.2
      • TeamRedMiner
      20 June 2020

      web 0.64
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.0e added support for mining with 4 GB AMD cards beyond the DAG epoch 350
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.6 Fixed Linux watchdog support for hard driver crashes, kawpow nicehash extranonce support, broken keyboard input, added nimiq algo
      17 June 2020

      web 0.63
      * New miners:
      • Phoenix 5.0d error with etc/eth switching fixed
      07 June 2020

      web 0.62
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.7.4
      05 June 2020

      web 0.61
      * New miners:
      • NBminer 30.1 & 30.2 bug fixes and enhancements
      • TT-Miner 5.0.0 to use kawpow algo, set algo unselected and write coin RVN
      • T-Rex 0.15.4 kawpow support
      • Nanominer 1.9.1 kawpow support
      05 May 2020

      web 0.60
      * New miners:
      • NBminer 30.0
      01 May 2020

      web 0.59
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.09 low share bug fix

      * Added manufacturer on rig page and nvidia clocks
      29 Apr 2020

      web 0.58
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.07 & 2.08 improved cuckatoo32 performance (up to +20% dependent on GPU and OC mode) and bug fix
      27 Apr 2020

      web 0.57
      * Interface support for Nvidia BIOS flashing
      * Bulk AMD BIOS save
      22 Apr 2020

      web 0.56
      * Twofactor autentification added. Please activate it and confirm your email
      - Minor changes
      18 Apr 2020

      web 0.55
      * New miners:
      • ETHminer 0.19.0-splitDAG allows to mine on high epochs
      • Gminer 2.05 improved performance (up to +30%) and reduced CPU usage for qitmeer
      • NBminer 29.0 add support for RVN new algo kawpow mining on Nvidia & AMD gpus.
      03 Apr 2020

      web 0.54
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 2.04 added qitmeer and kawpow algos
      • NBminer 28.0 added TRB & Ethash+TRB algos
      29 Mar 2020

      web 0.53
      * New miners:
      • XmRig-new 5.9.0 & 5.9.0-mo3
      • SRBminer 0.3.8 & 0.4.0 initial support
      • Gminer 2.00 & 2.01
      13 Mar 2020

      web 0.52
      * New miners:
      • GMiner 1.99 improved cuckaroom29 and handshakeperformance, added Ethash+Handshake dual solver
      • NBminer 27.3, 27.4 added Ethash+Handshake for AMD GPU, improved Ethash+Handshake performance on Nvidia, fixed some bugs
      02 Mar 2020

      web 0.51
      * Colors support for rig messages
      * New miners:
      • GMiner 1.98 improved handshake performance, lowered devfee to 2% for handshake
      27 Feb 2020

      web 0.50
      * New miners:
      • NBminer 27.2 added Handshake algo
      • Bminer 16.0.7
      * Added reboot 30s button for rigs with OS version >= 1.15 (shutdown and turn on after 30 seconds)
      25 Feb 2020

      web 0.49
      * New miners:
      • GMiner 1.97 added Cuckatoo32 and Handshake algos
      16 Feb 2020

      web 0.48
      * System power consumption added
      16 Feb 2020

      web 0.47
      * New miners:
      • Z-enemy 2.4
      • Nanominer 1.8.1
      • lolMiner 0.9.7
      • T-Rex 0.14.6
      • Wildrig-multi 0.20.1
      • CryptoDredge 0.23.0
      • XMRig 5.5.3
      • miniZ 1.5t
      - Small fix in MAC-address display- New wallet examples added
      15 Feb 2020

      web 0.46
      * Memory voltage in AMD Overclocking added
      01 Feb 2020

      web 0.45
      - Now you can add additional pools in for Claymore and Phoenix in 2 ways
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.96 (improved cuckaroom29 performance up to +5-6% dependent on GPU)
      21 Jan 2020

      web 0.44
      * New miners:
      • Nanominer 1.7.1
      • lolMiner (added cuckaroom29 algo for AMD)
      • Ethminer 0.19.0
      19 Jan 2020

      web 0.43
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.95 (improved CuckarooM29 performance)<
      17 Jan 2020

      web 0.42
      * CuckarooM29 algo support
      - Autoswitch examples changed, some expamples moved to archive
      - Rodos thermometer support
      16 Jan 2020

      web 0.41
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.93
      14 Jan 2020

      web 0.40
      * New miners:
      • TeamRedMiner 0.6.0 & 0.6.1
      • Phoenix Miner 4.8c & 4.9c
      13 Jan 2020

      web 0.39
      Happy new 2020 year!!!
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.89, 1.90, 1.91, 1.92 (Some improvements and new algorithm: CryptoNight BBC)
      31 Dec 2019

      web 0.38
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.88 (new algorithms)
      18 Dec 2019

      web 0.37
      * Additional pools support for Claymore and Phoenix
      29 Nov 2019

      web 0.36
      * Dual support for NBminer and 26.2 version
      26 Nov 2019

      web 0.35
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.74 (significant cuckatoo improvement)
      14 Nov 2019

      web 0.34
      * New miners:
      • Cpuminer JayDDee-
      • Xmrig-CPU 3.2.0
      - New wallet examples
      07 Nov 2019

      web 0.33
      * New miners:
      • Gminer 1.68, 1.69, 1.70
      25 Oct 2019

      web 0.32
      * New miners:
      • NBminer 26.0
      15 Oct 2019

      web 0.31
      * Project name changed to OSdog/b>
      15 Oct 2019

      web 0.30
      * x16rv2 algo support in benchmark, NiceHash AutoSwitch examples updated
      30 Sep 2019

      web 0.29
      * Interface changes:
      • Farms: notifications on changes/delete users/delete farm, error with delete fix
      • Wallets: colour depending on which GPU can use this example - Nvidia, AMD or both, new examples added
      • Benchmark: added intermediate notifications, time and warm-up settings for all algo
      • Profit button to evaluate current profit without Autoswitch start
      • Other cosmetic changes
      * New miners:
      • GMiner 1.67 (performance improvements for cuckarood29)
      • T-Rex miner 0.14.4 (x16r fork support)
      • TeamRedMiner 0.5.9 (x16r fork support)
      28 Sep 2019

      web 0.28
      * Added Gminer 1.66 (significant performance improvements for cuckarood29 +10%)
      24 Sep 2019

      web 0.27
      * Benchmark
      * Save Overclocking profiles
      23 Sep 2019

      web 0.26
      * New miners:
      • Bminer 15.8.6
      • GMiner 1.65
      • (support eaglesong algo on AMD)
      17 Sep 2019

      web 0.25
      * New miners:
      • GMiner 1.63
      • GMiner 1.64 (support eaglesong algo on Nvidia)
      • Phoenix 4.6b
      • Phoenix 4.6c
      • NBMiner 25.2
      14 Sep 2019

      web 0.24
      * Added Gminer 1.62
      - Remote IP display
      - Invalid shares on monitor page
      03 Sep 2019

      web 0.23
      * Autoswitch v 0.1 add
      - 'Notifications on startup' checkbox
      - 'Use graphic' checkbox
      01 Sep 2019

      web 0.22
      * Claymore CryptoNote and Claymore ZCash removed due to unusability
      31 Aug 2019

      web 0.21
      * Added Claymore 15.0 (error fix for 4Gb GPU)
      26 Aug 2019

      web 0.20
      * Added Gminer 1.59 (slightly improved BeamHashII performance on some GTX cards)
      21 Aug 2019

      web 0.19
      * Added Gminer 1.56 & 1.57 (improved BeamHashII performance on Nvidia cards)
      19 Aug 2019

      web 0.18
      * Add auto-refresh function
      New miners:
      • GMiner 1.52, 1.54 & 1.55
      • T-Rex miner 0.13.2
      • Nanominer 1.5.3
      • CryptoDredge 0.21.0
      • NBMiner 24.2
      • lolMiner 0.8.6
      12 Aug 2019

      web 0.17
      * Added AMDMemtweak(for majority 4**-5** use --REF 30)
      * Added Autofan (now we are developing it, use AT YOU OWN RISK)
      * Added TeamRedMiner 0.5.6 and 0.5.7
      * Added T-Rex Miner 0.13.1
      06 Aug 2019

      web 0.16
      * Added NBMiner 24.0 (add autoswitch for future fork on 17th, July to algo cuckarood)
      * Added GMiner 1.51 (support for Grin 29 fork)
      15 Jule 2019

      web 0.15
      * Add Downloads section
      * Added GMiner 1.50 (improved performance for Equihash 150,5 and Equihash 125,4 algorithms on RTX cards)
      * Added Nanominer 1.5.1
      13 Jule 2019

      web 0.14
      * Added NBMiner 23.3
      01 Jule 2019

      web 0.13
      * Added Nanominer 1.4.0
      27 June 2019

      web 0.12
      * Added WildRig-multi 0.17.9 (performance improve for wildkeccak and blake2b family, added skein2 - WoodCoin)
      25 June 2019

      web 0.11
      * Added Gminer 1.47 (significant performance improvements for VDS)
      - Added Claymore 14.7 (just bug fixes for linux users)
      21 June 2019

      web 0.10
      * Added Gminer 1.46 (added ZelCash Equihash 125,4 algorithm for Nvidia cards, improved Grin29 / Swap / Aeternity performance on Nvidia cards, specially on GTX 1080 Ti, also improved hashrate on pool side)
      19 June 2019

      web 0.9
      * Added T-Rex miner 0.12.0 (added honeycomb algo)
      18 June 2019

      web 0.8
      * Added CryptoDredge 0.20.1 (Fix issue with MTP & improve Argon2d algorithm)
      * Added WildRig-multi 0.17.5 (new algos blake2b-btcc and blake2b-glt)
      * Added T-Rex miner 0.11.1 (minor fixes)
      17 June 2019

      web 0.7
      * Rebuild monitoring page, now we can send commands to multiple rigs
      * Added gminer 1.45 (Improved performance for Grin29 / AE / SWAP on Nvidia cards)
      31 May 2019

      web 0.6
      * Added WildRig-multi 0.17.3 (+20% algo x25x)
      29 May 2019

      web 0.5
      * Added CryptoDredge 0.20.0 (Improve MTP & Argon2d algorithms, new Argon2d NIM algorithm)
      * Added WildRig-multi 0.17.2 (new algo x25x)
      * Added Claymore 14.6
      27 May 2019

      web 0.4
      * Added T-Rex miner 0.11.0 (new algo x25x for SUQA/SIN)
      * Added gminer 1.44
      20 May 2019

      web 0.3
      * Added gminer 1.43
      - Added wallet example for VDS coin
      19 May 2019

      web 0.2
      * Added Bminer 15.5.3
      * Added Nanominer 1.3.0
      * Added WildRig-multi 0.16.3
      * Added T-Rex 0.10.2
      * Added CryptoDredge 0.19.1
      15 May 2019

      web 0.1
      * Add GitHub repository, so everyone could check code
      15 May 2019

      Linux updates

      * TON support
      13 Nov 2021

      * Fix for wd-qinheng
      - Phoenix stats little fix
      15 Oct 2021

      * Amd-oc changed for Navi22
      - newdog: bug with host change fixed- t_rex: added compatibility with new versions, stats fixed- gpu-detect: small bug fixed
      04 Sep 2021

      * Overclocking for AMD 6600XT
      * Navi detection improved- fanstop error fixed- changes in upgrade script for future migration
      30 Aug 2021

      * upgrade and amd-oc scripts changed
      27 Aug 2021

      * newdog don`t ask host now. This is technical update, no need for all users
      23 Aug 2021

      - Fixed some bugs in stats (lolminer temps & gminer separate shares)
      - Fixed bugs in wd-temp
      - Fixed bugs in asw
      - lolminer reboot is little more verbose now
      20 Aug 2021

      * Some bug fixes in dogmate
      18 Jun 2021

      * Added dogmate for remote access
      16 Jun 2021

      * overclocking for Nvidia CMP added
      - Some bugs with internal gpu display fixed
      - Bug with miner reboot message fixed
      - Wd-temp: added display of overheated gpu
      31 May 2021

      - Hashrate display in some miners fixed
      - Wd-load fix
      27 Apr 2021

      - Dual mining support in SRBminer
      - Bug with Nvidia BIOS actions fixed
      27 Apr 2021

      - Fixed stats on TRM with trtl algo
      - Fixed nvidia-oc endless freeze with idle gpus
      - Crashed gpu detection on t-rex slightly improved
      24 Apr 2021

      - Stats on ETC on gminer and nbminer fixed
      17 Apr 2021

      - Error with bad shares display in T-Rex fixed
      16 Apr 2021

      - Compatibility with T-Rex 0.20.0 API
      13 Apr 2021

      * Urgent fix for P0/P2 switcher
      10 Apr 2021

      * Added P0/P2 Performance level switch for Nvidia GPUs
      * Added feature to fix core clock for Nvidia Turing and newer
      - Added display of current performance level for Nvidia GPUs
      - Added support for Nanominer dual mining
      - Some additional info added to amd-info
      - Changes for some wifi dongles
      09 Apr 2021

      * amd-oc improved for compatibility with 20.45+ drivers
      - fanstop bug fix
      - $WORKER variable in wallet password detection added
      - Little fix for nsf fork of ETHminer
      - Changes in upgrade script: minimum version of upp rised to 0.0.9 for compatibility with AMD 6700XT
      27 Mar 2021

      * Added wait time before start second miner (0 by default, can be edited in settings)
      - XLArig support
      - Logfile for NBMiner added
      - Minor changes in code
      21 Mar 2021

      - Gminer batch creation fixed
      09 Mar 2021

      - Phoenix stats on ETC fixed
      02 Mar 2021

      - SRBminer API processing fixed
      - Minor fix in remotessh script
      26 Feb 2021

      - TeamRedMiner API returned to SGminer style
      24 Feb 2021

      - Support for rx2 fork of CCminer
      18 Feb 2021

      * VerthashMiner initial support
      15 Feb 2021

      * Wifi setup fixed for some adapters
      - T-Rex crash messages are more verbose now
      12 Feb 2021

      - Bus ID in T-Rex added to stats
      12 Feb 2021

      * TeamRedMiner API changed to Claymore-style (actual, if you use third-party soft for monitoring)
      Miner restart is needed after upgrade
      02 Feb 2021

      * AMD Vega overclocking changed again
      * Small Autofan fix
      * Fixed bug with AMD drivers update
      - Small cosmetic fixes, like shares in lolminer, etc
      01 Feb 2021

      * AMD Vega overclocking changed
      * Nvidia-tool improved, now you don`t need to write a whole url, something like nvidia-tool -y update 460 is accepted
      11 Jan 2021

      * AMD overclocking changed (limits for Navi memory removed)
      * Nvidia 30xx fan control fixed (also for Autofan)
      24 Dec 2020

      * Memory info added in amd-info
      21 Dec 2020

      * Fixed grapic mode with dead Nvidia gpu
      20 Dec 2020

      * New option added in Watchdog - now you can set the time before reboot if there is no net on rig
      17 Dec 2020

      * Motherboard autofan improvements
      - NBminer GPU shares display
      - Other minor fixes and improvements
      13 Dec 2020

      - T-rex miner batch generation changed
      28 Nov 2020

      - Phoenix miner batch generation changed, now option -coin etc will be applied if etc coin in wallet selected
      27 Nov 2020

      * nvidia-tool fix
      For distant update use option -y, like nvidia-tool update -y
      20 Nov 2020

      * Autofan fix
      * Fixes for Motherboard Autofan
      - Reboot added in Phoenix config
      18 Nov 2020

      * Small fix to allow nanominer to work on some algos
      14 Nov 2020

      * Autofan bug fix: lower fan limit will not be exceeded
      * T-Rex: individual shares for each GPU added, additions like --mt 2 are now applied correctly
      11 Nov 2020

      * AMD overclocking limits for Navi enhanced
      30 Oct 2020

      * Autofan changed, memory target temperature added
      * AMD overclocking limits for Navi enhanced
      * Images list added to netdd
      - lolMiner stats fixed
      24 Oct 2020

      * Added amd-tool for updating AMD drivers
      - Added argument -v to make hello more verbose
      12 Oct 2020

      * Service mode added (miner and overclocking wouldn`t be applied). Changes will be applied only after reboot
      - Stats in T-Rex miner slightly fixed
      10 Oct 2020

      * Memory voltage overclocking for Navi fixed
      04 Oct 2020

      - Minor load average reduce for lagging GPUs
      - Hardware errors display for TeamRedMiner added
      29 Sep 2020

      - Support for cpuminer rplant
      23 Sep 2020

      * AMD 5700 Overclocking fixed (memory and memory controller voltage added)
      * AMD 5700 bios flashing fixed
      * Navi temperature added
      13 Sep 2020

      * AMD 5700 Overclocking added (only on Gamma image or new drivers)
      * Nvidia 1660/20xx Overclocking added (need to upgrade drivers to 450+)
      * AMD stats collecting reworked
      - Refactoring and code optimisations
      09 Sep 2020

      * AMD bios flashing error fixed
      - TeamRedMiner reboot script added
      - TeamRedMiner stats on many GPUs fixed
      - Fixes in netdd, prepare for GPU errors notifications
      31 Jule 2020

      - Nimiq hashrate in TeamRedMiner fixed
      18 Jule 2020

      * Error in nvidia flashing fixed
      * NoncerPro Cuda support
      - CPU LA Watchdog control added
      17 Jule 2020

      * ShellInABox support
      * Load Watchdog initial release
      16 Jule 2020

      * Hotfix for 1.42
      15 Jule 2020

      * Added netdd command
      - Support for XPM AMD miner
      - Overclocking for many Nvidia GPUs fixed
      - Bug fixes
      14 Jule 2020

      * Autoswitch fix
      29 June 2020

      * Fix for wd-qinheng
      * Updates for Beam hardfork
      28 June 2020

      - Temperature fore AMD CPU added
      22 June 2020

      - Load Average Watchdog hotfix
      22 June 2020

      - Temperature Watchdog added
      You need to reboot rig after this upgrade
      21 June 2020

      - Automatic LoadAverage Watchdog added
      19 June 2020

      - TeamRedMiner now transfers GPU BusID to server
      17 June 2020

      * NBminer stats fix
      - Error with Nvidia flashing fix
      - fanstop add
      - minor fixes
      13 June 2020

      * Compatibility update
      01 June 2020

      * Attempt to reduce server load
      17 May 2020

      * AMD OC reverted to 1.29
      * Partially for
      11 May 2020

      * Nvidia driver update via nvidia-tool
      * AMD memory voltage overclocking changed
      - Autofan fix
      06 May 2020

      * Bug with AMD bios save fixed
      01 May 2020

      * Bug with second miner fixed
      30 Apr 2020

      * Manufacturer data and Nvidia clocks data are now transfered
      29 Apr 2020

      * Nvidia flashing fix
      25 Apr 2020

      * Small fix in ethminer batch creation
      23 Apr 2020

      * Nvidia BIOS save and flashing
      * Bulk AMD BIOS save
      22 Apr 2020

      * Bulk AMD BIOS flashing added
      22 Apr 2020

      * Fix benchmark after previous update
      18 Apr 2020

      * Miner start / restart is now faster. API ports are randomly selected.
      You need to reboot rig after this update
      16 Apr 2020

      * Minor bug fixes
      03 Apr 2020

      * Stats for some motherboards fixed
      24 Mar 2020

      * Individual AMDMemTweak settings support
      14 Mar 2020

      * SRBminer support
      * Nvidia offline status fix
      - Empty AMD names error fix
      - Gminer stats fix, logfile added
      - Bminer stats fix
      - Teamredminer bus order fix
      - agent & stats optimisations, password removed
      13 mar 2020

      * Colors are now supported not only in console (you need to reboot)
      - Claymore API port changes to negative if password is not set due to security reasons
      27 Feb 2020

      * Wakealarm support
      25 Feb 2020

      * Fixed batch creation and display for hybrid algos (f.e. ethash + handshake
      - Little agent fix for Nvidia rigs)
      25 Feb 2020

      * IP-conflict fix
      23 Feb 2020

      * AMD overclocking fix
      16 Feb 2020

      * Support for miniZ miner
      15 Feb 2020

      * Sushi-Miner support
      - MAC-address show
      - minor fixes in getminer script
      You need to reboot rig or send command systemctl restart agent after this update
      13 Feb 2020

      * Memory voltage support in amd-oc
      * Startup error fixes
      - Ethminer config creation changed
      21 Jan 2020

      - Added additional pools support in 2 ways
      21 Jan 2020

      - Added log in watchdog messages
      - Preparations for qitmeer miner
      17 Jan 2020

      - Urgent ETHminer fix
      17 Jan 2020

      - Some errors with Autofan fixed
      - Cuckaroom algo in Autoswitch support
      - Rodos thermometer support
      16 Jan 2020

      - Error fixed with miner stats
      14 Jan 2020

      - Support for ethash mining in Team Red Miner
      13 Jan 2020

      - Some Watchdog fixes
      13 Jan 2020

      - CuckooCycle support in AutoSwitch and Benchmark
      02 Dec 2019

      * XMRig NEW (5.* and higher) support
      01 Dec 2019

      * Additional pools support for Claymore and Phoenix
      29 Nov 2019

      * NBminer dual support
      26 Nov 2019

      * AMD BIOS flashing hotfix
      21 Nov 2019

      * get AMD BIOS hotfix
      21 Nov 2019

      - notifications
      16 Nov 2019

      * Xmrig-CPU support
      - Nbminer in Autoswitch fix
      14 Nov 2019

      * remotessh improvements (add VNC support)
      07 Nov 2019

      * remotessh - new script for ssh tunelling
      07 Nov 2019

      * TT-Miner support
      - Nanominer fix
      04 Nov 2019

      * AutoSwitch data on hello
      - Nvidia OC now check if X server is running
      25 Oct 2019

      * cpuminer stats fix
      23 Oct 2019

      * AutoSwitch fix
      14 Oct 2019

      * PATH error fixed
      14 Oct 2019

      * Bug fixes
      09 Oct 2019

      * Bug fixes
      9 Oct 2019

      * Name changed to OSdog
      04 Oct 2019

      * x16rv2 algo support
      30 Sep 2019

      * Benchmark error fixes
      25 Sep 2019

      * More verbose Benchmark, current profit in Autoswitch
      25 Sep 2019

      * You can check miner log while Benchmark (push miner1 log button)
      * Autofan/b> check AMD freeze (exceptionally Vega) and dry to fix it, also if temp is too high or low, will change fan more agressive
      25 Sep 2019

      * OverClocking hotfix
      22 Sep 2019

      * Many changes, preparements for benchmark
      22 Sep 2019

      * AMD Vega fan management
      19 Sep 2019

      * Flash/disk test on startup
      04 Sep 2019

      * amd-oc hotfix
      - Now if miner doesn`t start because there is no such miner in system, try to download it
      02 Sep 2019

      * AutoSwitch hotfix
      01 Sep 2019

      * AutoSwitch hotfix
      - Notifications on startup checkbox
      - Use graphic checkbox
      01 Sep 2019

      * AutoSwitch hotfix
      01 Sep 2019

      * AutoSwitch v 0.1

      - Bug fix with reboot if wd is set & wallet change
      - Some graphical changes on rig
      - Qinheng watchdog support
      01 Sep 2019

      * LA on NVIDIA rigs slightly reduced
      * Error with AMD GPU names and memory fixed
      11 Aug 2019

      * Added commands logs-off and logs-on. Flash drives are still non-recommended, but if you use one, send logs-off command after first boot and then immidiatelly reboot rig. This will move all logs to RAM.
      09 Aug 2019

      * Autofan improvements
      08 Aug 2019

      * AMDMemTweak support
      06 Aug 2019

      * Autofan hotfix
      04 Aug 2019

      * Autofan now doesn`t do anything while overclocking script is working
      - Only one copy of overclocking sript may be alive at one time
      03 Aug 2019

      * Bug fixes with 8+ AMD GPU
      * Add autofan (now we are developing it, use AT YOU OWN RISK)
      - Minor changes in AMD and NVIDIA overclocking
      03 Aug 2019

      * Added support for NBMiner
      Now we test it, with all questions/suggests/bugs contact Telegram @sobaka_os
      01 Jule 2019

      * Added support for Open-dev watchdog
      - you can setup time before reboot, use command watchdog-opendev setup-time X, where X is time in minutes in range 5-15
      25 June 2019

      - Changes in net setup
      28 May 2019

      * Bug fix with CPU & motherboard display
      * Buf fix in driver-update script
      27 May 2019

      * One more bug fix with 10+ GPU (need to reboot after this upgrade)
      25 May 2019

      * NVIDIA 106-100 overclocking fix
      22 May 2019

      * Bug fix with 10+ GPU (need to reboot after this upgrade)
      20 May 2019

      * NVIDIA 106-100 overclocking fix (need to reboot after this upgrade)
      20 May 2019

      - Nanominer version display
      - Prepare for CPU temp display (will be added after next upgrade)
      16 May 2019

      * Now user password on new rigs will be same with rig password instead of standart 1
      8 May 2019

      * now VNC use rig password instead of standart 12345678 (will work after reboot)
      7 May 2019

      - Changes in sobaka-work script
      - Now we create lock files and restart sobaka-agent if there is no lock files
      6 May 2019

      - Support for Crypto Dredge, fix phi2 values on Team Red Miner
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      6 May 2019

      - Support for Team Red Miner
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      6 May 2019

      - Support for Phoenix Miner
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      4 May 2019

      - Support for WildRig-multi
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      4 May 2019

      - Support for sgminer
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      4 May 2019

      - Support for xmr-stak
      upgrade now check the latest versions of packages from site
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      25 Apr 2019

      - Miner log now give more information (usefull when miner crashes)
      You need to reboot or send "systemctl restart sobaka-agent" command to rig after this update
      23 Apr 2019

      - Fixed bug with xmrig-amd stats
      21 Apr 2019

      * Changed upgrade script
      * Some files are allocated to other separate packages (sobaka-libs, sobaka-sbin)
      - Fixed x16r values for ccminer
      16 Apr 2019

      - Add support for z-enemy miner
      - Fixed display name of cuckaroo29 algo
      You need to reboot rig after this update
      16 Apr 2019

      - Bug fix, now AMD 4gb work with gminer 1.37 and higher on equihash 150.5;
      - Bug fix with fan values in EWBF
      13 Apr 2019

      * Added driver-update command for updating drivers to latest stable version or any version you provide in arguments, now just for Nvidia. Don`t forget to reboot rig after driver update. Usage: driver-update nvidia
      12 Apr 2019

      * Bug fix in netsetup, add gateway4 support and cmd-style setup. Use netsetup --help for more info
      11 Apr 2019

      * Reworked netsetup, now we can use static ip
      09 Apr 2019

      * Added Teleconsole
      08 Apr 2019

      - Fixed values for x17
      06 Apr 2019

      - Fixed config creation for t-rex miner
      03 Apr 2019

      * Bug with hdd info fixed
      15 Feb 2019

      - Support for gminer 1.34
      07 Feb 2019

      * New 4.17 kernel
      06 Feb 2019

      * New script getminer to download miners from server, now updates weigh much less
      * Miner versions system
      05 Feb 2019

      * Support for gminer
      - hdd model info
      26 Jan 2019

      - fixed very small but very important bug, that didn`t allow to exec big commands from server
      - lolminer added
      - ewbf upgraded to 0.6
      - Bminer updated to v14.0.0
      - json size from server reduced
      25 Jan 2019

      * miner batch system fully reworked
      - Claymore miner upgraded to 12.0
      - Nanominer 1.0 added
      - Bminer updated to v13.1.0-8ae5450
      - stats for new miners and algos integrated
      24 Jan 2019

      * T-rex miner added
      - xorgmake error on AMD fixed
      - sobaka-stats reworked - now less stats are sent
      30 Oct 2018

      - partition error fixed
      27 Oct 2018

      - AMD bios flashing error fixed
      - netsetup reworked, add -manual argument
      - openvpn fix
      25 Oct 2018

      * wifi support
      - watchdog reworked
      24 Oct 2018

      * Ubuntu 18.04 is mainline now
      * hello reworked (old versions will be unsupported)
      * VNC
      - changes in hello/sendstats algo due to changes in DB
      15 Oct 2018

      - added agent-screen. You can use sobaka-agent command to see it
      - some changes in hello script. Now it tries to connect 5 times (not infinitely)
      17 Sep 2018

      - Host change function (now just for development)
      16 Sep 2018

      * Kernel changed from 4.4 to 4.14 - some AMD cards can not be overclocked
      21 Aug 2018

      * pp_table copy disabled (strange bug)
      21 Aug 2018

      * NVIDIA Logo Light now can be disabled
      19 Aug 2018

      * OpenVPN support
      16 Aug 2018

      - rename of some scripts, scripts location changed
      - sobaka-agent: now log is shorter (if stats are sending correctly, no need to say it each time)
      - sobaka-start: now config will be copied from flash only if there is enough data (id, pass, host)
      - fixed bug with flashing AMD BIOS
      30 Jul 2018

      - sobaka_agent: fixed bug, that doesn`t show GPU params if GPU count > 5
      - sobaka_work: fixed bug (sometimes doesn`t show miner log)
      - fixed some bugs in amd-oc
      - save Power Play tables on boot
      - now OhGodAnETHlargementPill starts on boot correctly
      - GRUB mode changed to console (sometimes rigs doesn`t boot in graphic mode)
      - now you can see driver version in web
      29 Jul 2018

      * Claymore updated to 11.9
      - fixed bug in hello & gpu-detect
      - sreboot command added
      - slightly changed jsonwallet2cfg to avoid problems in cases when no password is need, but comand looks like ..-zpass -api-port...
      - now sobaka_agent doesn`t do hello; sobaka_start do it
      28 Jul 2018

      * update to fix error with win/unix compatibility
      25 Jul 2018

      * if rig.cfg isn`t set, OSdog tries to find it on flash - 20 mb partition, that you can change in Windows, Mac, etc;
      * OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2 support
      * create Xorg on every boot
      * net check on every boot, trying to setup net interfaces
      - fix some errors in newsobaka
      - sobaka_start now create amdmeminfo and nvidiasmi files, so there is no need to create them later
      30 Jun 2018

      * upgrade script reworked
      * added sgminer 5.5.5-gm-nicehash-8 as main sgminer fork
      - error fix in xorgmake, now every card is working correct
      - error fix is nvidia-oc
      29 Jun 2018

      * added Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU Miner v12.6
      * added Claymore's CryptoNote AMD GPU Miner v11.3
      * added cpuminer-multi 1.3.5
      * default CCminer version is tpruvot-v2.2.6 fork
      * added CCminer forks: klaust-v.21 & nanashi-v2.2-mod-r2
      - changed NVIDIA overclocking config receiving (now it`s in json)
      - changed NVIDIA overclocking mechanism
      - slightly changed AMD overclocking display
      - added MOTD in console
      27 Jun 2018

      * some improvements: gpu power consumption, brand/name info, etc
      14 Jun 2018

      * driver check on startup
      20 May 2018

      * added ccminer & ethminer support
      15 May 2018

      * amd-oc alghorythm change
      10 May 2018

      * AMD flashing
      09 May 2018

      * AMD overclocking
      08 May 2018

      * Nvidia overclocking
      05 May 2018

      * Connection with server
      28 Apr 2018

      * Initial release
      02 Apr 2018